I’m starting to get a little worried about teaching over the summer.

The chair of the department emailed me a while ago asking me if I would. And I said that if there was a night class I could. He then said that he would get me a General Chem II class in the evening.

Then two weeks ago he said that he might not be able to get enough students for a General Chem II class, so he would get me a Chem for non-majors.

The semester starts June 7th. Sure it is still a month and a half away, but “the class” (I don’t even know if I’d being doing G Chem II or Chem 101) isn’t even listed as available for students to sign up for. Which if I don’t have students then I won’t have a class.

If I don’t get to teach this summer it won’t be the end of the world, as my original plan for 2010 was assuming that I wouldn’t teach over the summer. But now that he’s offered I really would like the extra money! =)

Also, the summer semester is only 8 weeks long. Which is intense, but quickly over with! =)

Regardless, I’ll definitely have a class in the Fall.


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