It Was Pure Bliss

I needed to come in to work early this morning to get some stuff set up. I rolled in to work at 7am and set myself up and started doing some work.

And for the next hour and 5 minutes, I was the most blissfully happy that I have been at work in a long, long time.

My music playing, no one else around, getting science done.

Then some of my coworkers showed up and ruined the mood – but man, that is one of the few times in the last year I have felt happy at work. I should come in early more often, it was nice just being by myself.

This is a rare thing in a work environment where people are here until 2 in the morning – 7 days a week. I should take advantage while I still can. =)


3 Responses to It Was Pure Bliss

  1. I love coming into work early…I was here at 7:30 today and it’s so quiet until around 9 am. I get so much accomplished in that hour and a half

  2. Revanche says:

    I love that peace and quiet. I can never get to work early enough to enjoy it, though, even when I get there just after 7 people are already there.

  3. I like it when it’s at night… SO quiet. But this also means I stayed later than usual which makes me sad. 😦

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