The Initial Speed Bump

The hardest part for me with this whole financial recovery wasn’t just getting started – it was waiting for results.

From the time I started this blog till when I paid off my first debt was 7 months. Once that first credit card got paid off, I was able to pay off 2 more within 3 months. Now I’m plugging along with only 1 credit card debt left – and I’ve made some significant progress here.

However, those 7 months of nothing changing were so hard. Progress was slow, sometimes stalled, and I wasn’t getting any immediate reward.

That initial speed bump can be the hardest thing to get over in the debt recovery process. It takes a lot of momentum, but once you get there the feeling is FANTASTIC.

This is how I feel right now about weight loss. I told you guys earlier that by not eating out I had lost 14 pounds, I’m down an “official” 16 pounds now. In 4 months. That is around a pound a week. Not too shabby. However, the weight loss has given me so much momentum to be healthier! I’ve been going to the gym 4 times a week and kicking ass while their.

Seeing weight come off is the same to me as paying off that first debt was, seeing the results just motivates me to do even more. Success breeds success, and I’m so excited.

The only bummer part is that most of my pants are getting too big on me… I hate pant shopping. And even worse, I just bought two pairs!


7 Responses to The Initial Speed Bump

  1. Lillie says:

    Your testimony is inspirational – paying off the debt and losing weight. Your results are awesome. I commend you for sticking to it and taking care of business. For me, shopping for new clothes is a chore, but I would certainly welcome the opportunity to do so as a result of some weigh loss.

    I love your 2010 goals, especially the one about doing something that makes you happy every day. I think I’ll adopt that one as a favorite even though number 1 is definitely a priority.

  2. Aline Strong says:

    Dear SS4BC:
    I am interested. Looking at your Goals, I see that one was to maintain $1200 in an Emergency Fund. You are over that amount now. For now, why not stop funding it, and begin funding something else meaningful to you?

    Your weight loss and debt repayment are great! And gradually, you will get to your goals, but in the meantime, you might think about starting to live the life of your enduring dreams now. For example, if you are not working where you wish you were, perhaps you need to upgrade your skills. You might start a little fund to pay for a course to help you on the way. Or, perhaps you have long wished to travel to a certain place,the thought of which delights you. Why not start a little fund towards that? Even $5 a pay states your intention to yourself that this dream will be realized. It’s amazing what the world gives out when we state our intentions.

    Anyway, I think you are doing well, and hope you will consider funding some of your dreams now, to keep yourself from splurging later.

  3. If you really like the pants, then get them to a tailor. About two years ago, I lost nearly 20 pounds, and everything was saggy on me. But I didn’t want to go and get a whole new wardrobe, so the tailor became my best friend! I mean, somethings are just lost causes (I don’t think you can tailor underwear…), but for some of the more pricier items like blazers and pants, that’s an option.

    But you go girl!

  4. It’s def tough when you’re not seeing immediate results, but slow and steady wins the race! Be like the tortoise!

  5. you can always get pants altered. that’s what I do “in between sizes.”

  6. Congrats on achieving your goals! I started within the last year to get a hold on my finances to learn as much about managing my money as possible. I am a firm believer that no one cares about my money as much as me. I love how much control cooking my own meals give me 🙂 – both on my wallet and my waistline!

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