Mutual Funds

I finally got my update on my mutual funds in the mail today. $5,943.

The last time I got a statement it was $5,212, which means they have gone up in value around $700 in 3 months.

That’s not too bad. However, to give you some perspective, I’ve had these mutual funds since 1999. Originally they were worth $40,000. After 9/11, they tanked to about $10,000. They never really recovered much after that…. and tanked ever further with this current economic crisis.

It pains me to see not even $6,000 where there used to be $40,000.

Oh well… at least they’re increasing in value I guess. =)


3 Responses to Mutual Funds

  1. ouch. that’s quite a tumble. I can see why it pains you.
    that being said, you’re still quite young and you have a lot of time before you need to “cash out” for retirement. I’m sure when you do, it’ll be up high again.

  2. Revanche says:

    Yipes, that IS a lot. At that rate, I would be hesitant to look at the values, myself. I remember when mine were shedding thousands, I only checked when I had to do monthly updates.

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