Pay Day and April Net Worth

I love pay day! I had only $55 left in my spending account so I was definitely needing it.

Here is a look at my current networth, as you can see it has gone up once again. =D


  • Cash: $500  (I always just use this value, since it is the average of what I have in my checking account on any given day of the month)
  • Stocks: $1,352
  • Retirement: $9,877
  • Mutual Funds: $5,212 (did not update)
  • E-fund + Yearly savings: $2,601


  • Student loans: $14,907
  • Credit card: $11,360

Total net worth: -$6,725

My networth last month was  -$7,983. So I’ve increased my total “worth” by another $1,200. One thing I will note is that I did increase my total liabilities this month by around $500. This is because of a ticket to Vegas that I purchased on the credit card. It will get paid off on the 4th when my tutoring money comes in, so don’t you fear chick-a-dees, it will not just sit on my credit card. 😉

Here is a graphical representation of my improved NetWorth to date:

If feels very weird to not have put down a lot of money on my credit card this month (I only paid $500 instead of my normal $1,000). However, it was really nice to see such a HUGE jump in my savings. I may meet $5,000 a lot quicker than I originally thought.

A summary of my Net Worth since May 2009 can be found here.

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