345 Days of No Eating Out Weeks 10 & 11

Image Courtesy of Debt Ninja http://www.punchdebtintheface.com

March 6th (Day 61) – Microwavable sausage biscuit that a coworker brought in for work. Bagel and cream cheese for lunch. Chips and salsa for dinner. Some popcorn while watching a movie.

March  7th (Day 62)  – Blueberry muffin for brunch. Rockstar for midday deliciousness. Chicken bow tie pasta with spinach for dinner (this was really, really good!)

March 8th (Day 63)  – Blueberry muffin for breakfast. Rockstar mid morning. Chicken pad thai with orange bell peppers, mushrooms and onions for lunch. Sick, so didn’t eat anything for dinner.

March 9th (Day 64)  – No breakfast (still sick). Left over pad thai for lunch. Starbucks (Chai latte) while writing my chemistry exam for dinner.

March 10th (Day 65)  – Left over slice of cheese pizza from last week with a yogurt for breakfast. No lunch. More pizza for dinner. Very pizza-y day.

March 11th (Day 66)  – No breakfast. Chili for lunch. Sweet and sour chicken with pinapples, water chestnuts, orange bell peppers and mushrooms on rice for dinner.

March 12th (Day 67) – No breakfast. Starbucks chai latte for lunch as I graded exams. Left over sweet and sour chicken for dinner.

March 13th (Day 68)  – Yogurt for breakfast. Slim fact strawberry shake for lunch (I think these are sooooo good… and I the only one?) Nachos for dinner.

March 14th (Day 69)  – Yogurt for breakfast. Nachos for lunch. No dinner.

March 15th (Day 70) – No breakfast, no lunch. Indian chicken curry with broccoli, carrots and snap peas for dinner.

March 16th (Day 71)  – Strawberry Weight Watcher shake for breakfast. Left over sweet and sour chicken for lunch. Shitake mushroom egg drop soup for dinner. I also had a bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream for desert. YUM!

March 17th (Day 72) –  Strawberry Weight Watcher shake for breakfast. Chips and salsa for both lunch and dinner.

March 18th (Day 73) – No breakfast. Indian chicken curry leftovers for lunch. Nachos for dinner.

March 19th (Day 74) – Poptart for breakfast. Weight watchers shake for post-hike pick me up. Nachos for lunch with Rockstar. Shitake mushroom egg drop soup for dinner.

Total Days I’ve Eaten Out in 2010: 5

OMG I have eaten so much cheese in the past week…. will stop…. promise. But I got more veggies in, even if that isn’t obvious. =)


One Response to 345 Days of No Eating Out Weeks 10 & 11

  1. Wow. I’m in awe that you’ve only had 5 days eating out.
    that being said… Chips, nachos & salso IS NOT DINNER! =P
    *stuffs a fork with spaghetti in your mouth*
    THAT’S dinner!

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