Just Make A Decision

I spend a lot of my life wrestling with decisions.

“Should I go to this college or that?”

“Should I apply for this job or not?”

“Do I really want to go to grad school or not?”

I have spent weeks, nah months, debating each major decision in my life. And some times that long debating the minor ones.

But in the end, I realize that the agonizing doesn’t really help much. In fact, it makes the decision a lot harder in most cases.

However, what feels fantastic is the moment that you make the decision. Not because the decision is made so much, but because the stress of agonizing over it is gone. As soon as you make up your mind, you feel settled and grounded.

I spent a lot of time trying to decide whether or not I wanted to apply for this new job. And eventually I just decided to do it. And now that I have, I feel grounded, comfortable and ready to do the tasks at hand to get that job.

However, I wasted two weeks just trying to decide whether I wanted to or not. That is two weeks I’ll never get back.

Is there a decision you’re agonizing about? Just make a decision. Do you feel relieved by your choice or anxious?

9 Responses to Just Make A Decision

  1. Rawr! You make it sound so easy. Usually, I will agonize over a decision for a while, eventually make a choice, and then feel like I made the wrong decision. Even if it is the right choice, it feels wrong.

    Maybe my brain is broken. =/

  2. psychsarah says:

    I adore that poster. If I can find a copy, I may put it on my wall in my office-it will benefit me as much as some of my clients, I tell ya. I’m seriously considering this method for a major decision that I’ve been putting off for, quite literally, years. Hmmm…wheels turning…is it a bad sign that now I’m trying to decide if this is the right way to make this decision? (only half kidding unfortunately)

    • SS4BC says:

      Sarah, I think that people who put off decisions for large chunks of time (like years) are more afraid to do the actions required for the choice that they want to make then actually afraid to make a decision.

      For instance, I have a friend who has been trying to “decide” for the last 3 years if he should go back to school and get a Masters degree. In all honesty, I don’t think he is debating whether he wants to get the Masters, I think he afraid to do the actions necessary to GET the Masters – and thus has stopped himself at the point of “deciding” because it is a lot easier to say you haven’t “decided” yet than to say you’re too lazy or too afraid or too unmotivated to do what is necessary to achieve your goal.

  3. but I’m a super anxious person!! I can’t decide!

  4. I’m like you!

    I even do this with the most mundane tasks – like picking what type of toothpaste is best…. (Yea…Don’t ask!)

    I guess, I’m learning that there is never a right way or wrong way.

    Even if something is not ideal or turns out the way we want or imagine, there is always a way to suceed – or give up. There’s nothing wrong with figuring that there might be a better way, and take a detour to get there.

    Now to put my words into action! 🙂

  5. What a fantastic post! There are times when this has really helped me with some of my decisions. I also like the sleep on it approach. If I sleep well the night after I make the decision I go for it in the morning. If I don’t then either more information is necessary for the decision or I’ve decided against something.

    I keep a nickel in my pocket, just in case.

  6. eemusings says:

    Love that poster!

    Your decision seemed like a no brainer to me, so I’m glad you decided to go ahead.

  7. That poster is great! Stealing it. Or at least stealing the words. I don’t think I’m grappling with any “To Do or Not to Do” questions in my life. But I am suffering from a lack of motivation for finishing my grad school apps. Can you find a cool poster to inspire me?

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