Doctors, Doctors, Everywhere

I’ve been to 3 physicians in the last 5 days. It has *not* been fun.

On Monday I went to my lady doc and got my annual exam all set up. Got my STD testing done. Tons of fun. I also decided that for birth control options that getting a Copper IUD would be the most practical for me. So I’m getting that inserted in April. I’m actually pretty excited about it.

On Tuesday I had my “new patient” exam with my new primary care physician. He was really old, but nice. I told him about my UTI problems the last six months and he recommended that I see a Urologist to get checked out more thoroughly. Also, I complained that I thought I had a lot of wax in my right ear. He looked and said there was no wax, but that it looked life my ear drum was damaged. Well, since I scuba dive that is a bummer and also an intense possibility. So I also have an appointment for an ear, nose and throat specialist in 3 weeks (the soonest appointment I could get).

Today I went to the urologist. He explained what was going on with me and my bacteria flora, and gave me a low dose antibiotic to take for the next six months. *sigh*

I am soooooo doctored out, but I know that I have at least two more appointments. So far I’m out only $75 from all of this, but that will go up when I get the IUD. I’m billing it to insurance, but it is possible I’ll have to pay for it out of pocket, which they said would run me around $400. But it lasts up to 12 years, so that is pretty reasonable over the long haul. And it is hormone-free, which I like.

4 Responses to Doctors, Doctors, Everywhere

  1. eemusings says:

    Have you ever tried the injection?

    • SS4BC says:

      Because of my family history with cancer, especially breast, I’m not taking any hormone based birth control options.

      Thus I’m left with condoms and Paraguard.

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