I Can Haz $500 Plz?

I really want to spend money. Like seriously bad. Not on stupid stuff (I don’t think), but I have things I want… nah need?… to buy.

For instance, I’ve finally worn through the soles of all of my casual shoes. I’m still wearing them because I have nothing else to wear, but you can see my sock from the bottom on the shoe. This is bad. The shoes I want to replace them with (okay fine, the exact same pair) cost $80. I can’t seem to find any better deals online. And I know I won’t find them cheaper in local stores.

I also really desperately want to get my car detailed. I’m sick of the inside looking like it has been occupied by mice and pigeons for the last 3 years. I cleaned everything out, and now I want to make it look good. I know I can’t make it look as good as I want on my own. So I really want professional detailing to make it look brand spanking new. I don’t need this. But I want it. So bad, so very, very bad.

I’m still aching for a new netbook, and the slowness of my computer the past few weeks has been ramping up that desire.

So these are my wants at the moment.

I’ll probably wait until April’s payday to buy the shoes. And just get a basic car wash and vacuum instead of detailing.

When I pay off this debt and have a little bit more leeway in my budget – do you think I’ll be able to afford auto detailing? Or do you think I’ll be so used to not spending money that I won’t do it?

Right now it is nice to have the excuse of “paying off debt” to convince myself not to buy things. What will happen when that is gone?

Also, I made $150 this weekend by selling two free textbooks that I received from a book publisher. They were complimentary copies sent to me to convince me to use the text book in my class (which I have no control over, btw). So I listed them on Amazon and both sold within an hour. I probably should have listed them for more since they went so fast. However, I’d rather have the money now and not have an open listing for a few weeks.


12 Responses to I Can Haz $500 Plz?

  1. That picture is too cute! I think when you have your debt paid off, you’ll have some savings goals that will convince you not to spend money on unnecessary things. However, I think shoes without holes are probably not a luxury…don’t beat yourself up for having to spend a little money sometimes, you’re doing great overall!

    • SS4BC says:

      Yeah, I’m definitely replacing the shoes.

      One thing my dad commented to me over Christmas: “Well, at least you know you get your money’s worth from your shoes.”

      I hate shoe shopping, so I end up getting a pair and wearing it into the ground.

      I had a pair in undergrad that I wore till the sole’s were flopping around because they had disconnected from the top of the shoe. My dad was so frustrated at those shoes that he offered to buy me a new pair if I would just throw those away.

      Yes, I wear my shoes till the end. I should take pictures of my old, destroyed shoes. Heheheh….

  2. Sounds like the shoes = need and everything else = want.

  3. Ronnie says:

    Shoes=definite need. Car detailing…well, I know where you’re coming from :D, but it’s not TECHNICALLY a need, lol.

    I hate shoe buying too; I need to get the heels resoled on a bunch of shoes, but then I’d need shoes to wear while they were getting resoled and it’s just a mess. I have a pair that’s so miserably in need of replacement, and I got a $20 coupon for DSW, so I’m FORCING myself to buy another pair of pumps.

    But seriously, once my debt is gone and I’ve decided how much to save per month, I’m going to set aside a separate amount for the car, because I’m driving that puppy into the ground, and there’s no reason not to look fly while I’m doing it!

  4. psychsarah says:

    I feel your pain. Currently, my shoes both have cracks in the soles and I’m resisting getting new ones. I thought I’d have them resoled (so old school of me, I know) but they are my only work shoes, so if I take that route, I have to buy new ones anyway, to wear in the meantime. This is a long roundabout way to answer your question about being so used to being frugal that you’ll have a hard time spending money. I spent 10 years in university (getting a Phd, not just slacking off) and became very used to not spending any money. I’ve been done for 2.5 years (without much debt-thanks to a husband who worked throughout-I’m lucky, I know) and have yet to get used to the fact that I can actually buy myself some new shoes for work without major stress to the budget now that I have a “real” job.

  5. Bucksome says:

    Buy the shoes; that’s a necessity.

    The other two are wants and only you can decide if you should buy one or both before debt elimination. Do you budget yourself any fun money? If yes, you could save this up until you have enough for a want.

  6. Alicia says:

    Buy new shoes. Resole old ones. This is a need… car detailing can wait until you can save up for it.

  7. TMcImmy says:

    Yeah, shoes are a need. Holes in the soles can mess up your back and posture and cost you a lot more money down the line than $80. *IF* you can find cheaper shoes you like that won’t fall apart in a month or two, great, but a decent pair of casual shoes reasonably costs at least $40-50.

    Car detailing is a luxury. Yeah, they’ll do a better job than you can do yourself, but in the short run I doubt it’s worth the cost.

    The netbook is obviously a luxury as well. I’m half-wishing my laptop would die. It has serious slowness issues and sometimes I have to jiggle it to make the screen function, but it works, and I have a nice desktop.

    Obviously the long term goal is to get out of debt so that you can save positive moneys and be able to buy things with money you have and not have to use credit. It’s good to have goals, and reasonably you could afford all these things before the end of 2010 once your CC is paid off.

  8. Karen says:

    I’ve been planning on getting my card detailed. Professionally- they way they do it to resell a car: carpet shampooing, cleaning, clay, wax etc. For my SUV it should be around $200. I live in a higher cost of living area than you. Just so you can budget for it… 🙂

  9. monique says:

    I am with you on the car detailing. I want to get my car done soooooooooooooo bad.

  10. Well, shoes can be defined as a need if you can see your sock. ^___^;
    although possibly a want if you have other good pairs of shoes that can be used in the interim bases.

    the most important part is that you’re thinking ahead. you’re planning. you aren’t spending recklessly. so bravo for that.

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