Not Eating Out: A Two Month Review

I was going to post my thoughts on this after one month, but then decided to wait until two had passed to be sure that my observations were correct.

So far, here is what I’ve noticed about not eating out after two months:

1) I spend less money

Now, some would say this is obvious, but I wasn’t sure. I tend to cook pretty extravagant things (sometimes). I love asian dishes and can spend a lot on ingredients. Also, I was afraid I would go completely convenience grocery store food – which can be just as expensive as eating out. (I mean you can easily spend $8 on a ready-made meal, that’s the same as eating out, I still do this when busy though. Bad habits?)

Look, let me put this to you as bluntly as possible: In November and December before I started this challenge I was eating out  7-10 times per week. I was also checking my bank account every other day to keep “tabs” on balance. Since I’ve stopped eating out, I check my bank account only every two weeks. There isn’t a NEED because I’m not spending money. I go to the grocery store every other week, get stuff I need, and that is it.  I’m not even coming close to spending as much as I was before (I should do the numbers to confirm that this is in fact true!)

2) I eat less

I eat a lot less food now than I did when I was eating out. I don’t have a compulsion to finish what is on my plate because I’m sitting in a dining establishment. Since I have to make the food myself, my mind goes through the mental battle of: am I really hungry or am I just bored?

See, I hate cooking, A LOT. So the hunger has to be real and palpable before I’ll get in the kitchen.

Also, since I hate cooking there is an extra incentive to not eat everything on my plate so that I can have some for the next meal. I don’t want to have to cook tomorrow, you see.

Since I’ve started this “not eating out” thing I’ve unofficially lost almost 10 pounds. (I’ve been consistently under 150lbs the past three weeks I’ve weighed myself – I was sporting near 160 before)

Part of this due to the above reasons of not eating as much, another part due to the increased stress of the last two months, the last part due to having to report to you guys what I eat every day. I don’t really want to say how I ate nothing but a big fat candy bar for lunch, do I? Though I guess the last two weeks weren’t that hot anyway…

3) It isn’t as hard as I thought it would be

Honestly, I had doubts that I would even be able to last a week, much less a year. But it hasn’t been that big of an issue for me as I thought it would be. It puts a little bit of a damper on most guys “date plans” – but in my opinion cooking at home is much sexier than going to a restaurant. 😉

I still go out to the bars and get drinks, go to coffee shops to see people – I just don’t include the food aspect. And thus far my “quality of life” hasn’t diminished in the least.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to make the year with only 20 days of eating out (or less), but I have a new found confidence in myself and I’m encouraged to know that I can do it.

Now… I just need to get in a few more servings of fruit and vegetables every day. 😉


11 Responses to Not Eating Out: A Two Month Review

  1. It’s been really interesting to watch your progress. Great work so far, I’m so impressed.

    Eating out is definitely my “latte factor,” and watching you kick booty the last two months has confirmed this. Now that you say you’ve lost ten pounds? Jeez!

    In terms of translating this into an actionable plan for myself, I’m getting hung up, but I definitely think you’re onto something, lady!

  2. You are stronger than us all Madam SS4BC. But your 3rd point is key: I think a lot of the stress behind doing something like this is really mental. Once you get over that hurdle, it will become second nature.

  3. Airam says:

    Even though my challenge is only for Lent instead of the whole year, I totally agree with you on your three points, especially the one about not eating everything on your plate so you can have more for later. Great work keeping this up!

  4. Superinteresting. I’m so impressed with how you’re doing! I don’t think I could do it.

  5. Holy moly lady! That’s amazing! You’re saving money AND calories! Bravo!

  6. eemusings says:

    I’d be ashamed to publicise my food diary sometimes! Next month I want to make my official challenge to eat more fruit and veg. We’ve been doing better recently, but it’s always easier in summer with yummy things in season at decent prices. As it gets colder….maybe not so much.

  7. mo says:

    wow. amazing results

  8. Ronnie says:

    Good for you, that’s awesome! I find it interesting how different people act in restaurants though; I NEVER eat a full restaurant meal. Heck, I barely eat a full McDonald’s meal. I normally always eat around 1/3, and take the rest home with me. One, the serving sizes are obscene, two, I tend to like meals better the second day once the seasonings have set in (exception: anything with alfredo, which just reheats to butter), and three, it reduces my cost per serving, which is how I justify my $50 lobster meal :D.

    I totally think you’re going to make the 20 days, and I’m so cheering for you to do it!!

  9. Bucksome says:

    I cook often, but still eat out about once a week. You have quite a challenge!

    P.S. I also need to eat more fruits and veggies. It’ the hardest food group for me to get.

  10. Alicia says:

    Great job! And good call on eating more fruits/veggies! And remember breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

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