345 Days of Eating Out Weeks 8 & 9

Image Courtesy of Debt Ninja http://www.punchdebtintheface.com

Feb 20th (Day 48) – Salt and vinegar potato chips for breakfast (while driving) and an orange. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich with another orange for lunch. Tons and tons of candy while helping people move. Lots of delicious Chinese food for dinner. As it was bought by a parent (even though not mine) I don’t count this. Also, I didn’t want to be the bitch who said “sorry guys, I don’t eat out” when everyone who helped move was getting a dinner out. Some social conventions require eating out and tonight was one of them. Since I didn’t pay and a parent did, I’m not counting it.

Feb 21th (EAT OUT)  – Starbucks in the morning for breakfast. Burger and tomato soup for lunch at the Memphis Zoo. Fried chicken with baked beans and fries for dinner. Yum, yum.

Feb 22nd (Day 49)  – Peanut butter and jelly sandwich and an orange for lunch. Cheetos for a snack while driving. Sweet and sour egg drop soup for dinner.

Feb 23rd (Day 50)  – No breakfast. Left over Chinese food from Saturday for lunch. Starbucks (Chai Tea) while preparing for lecture for dinner.

Feb 24th (Day 51)  – No breakfast again. Left over Chinese food from Saturday for lunch again. Chips and salsa for dinner.

Note: Okay… based on the last two days I can see why people say I don’t eat a lot… I’m not a tiny thing though – I could stand to loose 10-25 lbs easy. I guess I’m just too busy to eat?

Feb 25th (Day 52)  – Poptart for breakfast. Campbell’s soup for lunch. Midday Rockstar. Starbucks (Chai tea latte) while preparing class lecture for dinner.

Feb 26th (Day 53) – Poptart for breakfast. Two apple sausages for lunch. Midday Rockstar. Tuna and chocolate pudding (not mixed together!) for dinner.

Feb 27th (Day 54)  – No breakfast. Chips and salsa for lunch. Half of a D’Gorno pizza for dinner.

Feb 28th (Day 55)  – Blueberry muffin and a Rockstar for breakfast. Two slices of left over pizza for lunch.

Mar 1st (Day 56) – Blueberry muffin for breakfast. Rockstar and tomato soup for lunch. Red curry chicken with mushrooms, orange bell peppers, water chestnuts on rice for dinner. (Should have probably left out the water chestnuts in retrospect)

Mar 2nd (Day 57)  – Blueberry muffin for breakfast. Left over curry for lunch. Orange chicken with broccoli, carrots and baby corn for dinner.

Mar 3rd (Day 58) – Blueberry muffin for breakfast. Left over curry for lunch. Rockstar midday. Cheese pizza (3 slices) for dinner.

Mar 4th (Day 59) – Blueberry muffin for breakfast. Two slices of left over pizza for lunch. Rockstar midday. Starbucks while I prepared for lecture the next morning. Hand full of salt and vinegar potato chips (maybe 15 at most).

Mar 5th (Day 60) – Blueberry muffin for breakfast. Rockstar at lunch with a can of chili. Hand full of chips for dinner again.

Notes: Can you tell yet that I’m addicted to Rockstar? On the 4th I waited until 3pm to drink it and I was already starting to get a caffeine headache. This addiction is so powerful. This is a $2/day habit here! That’s $60/month – $730/year! Just for this sweet, delicious beverage…

Total Days I’ve Eaten Out in 2010: 5


2 Responses to 345 Days of Eating Out Weeks 8 & 9

  1. NoRearView says:

    So while I commend your ideals, it seems as though you’re not eating very well. Maybe it’s just me. I’ve always been a big believer in breakfast, even if it’s a bowl of oatmeal. Just get a measuring scoop and measure it in the morning, personally I eat the pre-made stuff from Kroger, it’s a little more expensive, but it’s way helpful not to have to think about it that early in the morning. I eat soups at lunch and then a good dinner. Sprinkle in a few snacks during the day and you’re set. Eh, it’s my personal opinion that eating is important and just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t eat well. I’m also of the opinion that eating small, good meals helps your body to burn calories more efficiently. I like May 1 and 2 for example. Keep up the good spending work. I’m starting on my own journey soon (after I get my taxes back). Ha.

    • SS4BC says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more that I eat like crap.

      But my posting what I eat isn’t to change what I eat, but to just record it.

      Changing my eating habits isn’t a priority to me, thus I’m not likely to do it.

      Also, what I eat has very little to do with my budget. I’d most likely be making the same food choices with an unlimited budget because I eat what I like, rather than what I can afford.

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