“The Talk”

Remember I talked about the job in San Diego that I was thinking of applying for?

I’ve spent the last two weeks thinking about this job, working on some of my application material, and considering whether this is truly something I want to apply for. The main trouble I have is that my fellowship ends July 2011 and the project that I’m currently working on won’t be done in the next 5 months. I want the position, but the timing is off by one year.

Eventually I decided that I should apply. If they really want me there is a possibility that they could hold the position a year for me. If they don’t want me, then I know I’ll be able to get an honest evaluation of how my application looks to a search committee of the type school I want to be at.

The only bad thing that could happen is if they insist I have to start August 2010, and I have to choose between my position here and the position there. I’m not 100% positive which side would win.

Anyway, after deciding that applying was the best thing to do, the next issue was talking to my boss. This afternoon I went into his office. We had a chat about the student I’m mentoring, how my research is going, a paper we’re writing, the seminar that afternoon – and then at the end of the conversation I mentioned the position and how I wanted to apply for it.

He supported the idea. He said he would write me a letter of recommendation and would support my decision to apply. He also told me that I was a great teacher and that I was smart to look at schools with a greater teaching emphasis. I explained why I thought I would be successful at this school in terms of research and he agreed with my assessment.

Then he told me that he didn’t think I should start until 2011. I agreed with this. To quote him: “I’ve been planning on you leaving in 2011, I think you’ll be in a great position to get a great job for the 2011 school year” (okay, a bit paraphrased, but that was the gist). And you know, I don’t disagree with him on this. The timing is one year off.

So the hardest part of this process (as far as I’m concerned) is over. I have my bosses full knowledge and support. I have already contacted one of my collaborators for a letter of support, which he promised to write. I just need to call my graduate advisor to talk to him about a letter of recommendation and a possible collaboration.

I also need a statement of teaching philosophy and a research proposal to apply. I’ve written the teaching philosophy and have had one other person read it. He liked it but said it was a bit rambly (not surprised there – have you read this blog?)

I’ve started writing the research proposal, but it is awful. I have the ideas, but my proposal reads like a 10 year old wrote it. So I’ll focus on that over the weekend and hopefully get it in a place where someone can proof it for me early next week. The goal would be to send out my application material by the 15th of March. I’ll let my letters of recommendation know this on Monday.

I’m so excited I’m giddy. The idea of possibly getting a position at this school is just about my dream job. My life will be very different and this blog will be consumed with new issues of moving, a new salary, new responsibilities, a new city with a higher cost of living. But at the end of the day that is where I want to be. My heart is there, and thus it is my home.


5 Responses to “The Talk”

  1. eemusings says:

    So glad it’s all going smoothly – you would have been crazy not to apply!

    I would offer to help you proof/write your proposal, but I get the feeling a lot of it would go right over my head 😛

  2. AJ says:

    Good luck!

  3. Jessie says:

    so glad to hear that the conversation with your boss went well! Good luck getting everything prepared by the fifteenth!

  4. Revanche says:

    What a great conversation! Sent you a DM. 🙂

  5. NoRearView says:

    I’m glad to hear you are applying for this position, teaching sounds like where your heart really lies. It also may bode well for helping your sister with school. Sounds like there is not going to be any animosity with your boss after the summer if he is already planning on you staying through 2011! Did I see correct and your relationship blog is back on? How do I get invited to that funfest!

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