The Easiest Way To Spend Money…

…Is to go shopping.

I had to drop off a movie at Redbox. The closest one to the community college was at Walmart.

Now, I’m not a huge fan of Walmart generally, but I thought “Hey, yanno, I need some legal pads. Let’s go in.”

Of course, once inside the store I began to think “Hey, I wonder what pants they have…”  (I have a hard time finding pants that fit well, like all women it seems)

Then once I was in the clothes department I said “Hmmm these are cute and relatively inexpensive, I wonder what they would look like on?”

Then I thought “Oh, this dress is also cute, I’ll try that on as well since I’ll already be in the dressing room.”

After these thoughts I tried on the clothes and remarked to myself “Damn, these pants look so good on me, I should buy two in different colors! And this dress looks fantastic – I love how it fits!”

Then I marched up to the cash register with my two pairs of pants, my dress, and my legal pads. $54 later I walked out of the store.

Lesson learned: don’t go shopping if you don’t want to spend money

I don’t really regret the purchases though, I have the money for them in my spending account and these are the first clothes I’ve bought since November of last year. However, it made me realize that my old habits are still nested away in there – so I need to be careful of stores. LOL. Yes, all stores. As if that was remotely possible. Perhaps I should consider just getting all staple items directly delivered to me from so I never have to walk into a store of any sort again (except for meat and produce, of course… also… I wonder if Amazon has any pants I would like… oh this IS a vicious cycle…) 😉

9 thoughts on “The Easiest Way To Spend Money…

  1. Dude Amazon is just as bad. Things look so much better in the photographs, with the white background and the free shipping sign under it. LOL. I hear you on avoiding the stores though. What it takes is discipline. I prevent myself from aimless shopping by only going to stores when I need to go. i.e I am down to the last roll of toilet paper and if I don’t get it now, I’ll die. That will have you running in and right back out!

  2. It can be so hard to avoid – that was Jordan and I last weekend…but at least he was paying 😛 so I didn’t write about it much in detail.

  3. SO TRUE! I find myself wanting things I never knew existed once I hit the mall 😉 Walmart is particularly bad, because you can tell yourself that you’re going in for something practical (like toilet paper) and come out with 10 things that you didn’t know you “needed”, like clothes, books, lotions, handtowels, doggie treats etc etc etc

    I tend to be too busy to shop but, as you said, if you really are in need of something (like clothes in my case right now) you have to shop and you have to spend money. I keep myself from going shopping to the point of ridiculous sometimes-like I have no two socks that match, I guess I better go buy a few pair…

  4. Target is so difficult for me to walk into without spending money. Thank goodness our closet Target is 45 minutes away. And I don’t shop at the mall anymore just for this reason. 🙂

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