Tutoring – A Cash Cow

Many of you know that I did quite a lot of tutoring in 2009. I was making anywhere between $50-300 each month from tutoring.

Because I picked up an extra class this semester I haven’t been tutoring as much.

I’ve had one “in real life” session with a girl that I tutored last semester. And so far two morning scheduled hours on Tutor.com and one floating session in the evening on Tuesday when I had finished preparing lecture notes.

I have gotten SO many emails from students who want tutoring. Literally about 2-3 a day. I could easily see how someone could make a full time job of it, if you get on the right lists. All of these students want tutoring 1-2 times a week, an hour each session, and during the day – many are willing to pay more than the recommended rates to get a tutor since there are far fewer tutors than people who want tutoring.

It is nice to know that if all else fails, I could survive on tutoring online and in real life. I can work up to 30 hours per week at Tutor.com and then fill those hours in with in real life tutoring. Or the other way around depending on how I could schedule those weekly tutoring sessions. At $20-100/hr for IRL (depending on where in the country I was living) – that’s not a bad deal.

If I were to have just 10 weekly tutoring sessions, at a rate of $40/hr (reasonable) – I would be taking home $1,600/month! That’s enough to cover all of my basic bills.  Add in just 5 hours per week more of tutoring and I’d be walking away with a cool $2,400/month.

Granted that is all without-taxes, benefits, ect.

However, I’m taking home from my main job $2,500/month for about 50 hours of work per week – I could make the same amount by tutoring (and lying to the government) and only working 15 hours per week.

That is kind of nuts to think about. If I were truly just in this for the money. It almost seems like opening up a side tutoring gig would be the way to go. Less hours. Cash payments. Seems quite lucrative to me!

Too bad I’m not in this just for the money…


3 Responses to Tutoring – A Cash Cow

  1. If only I knew a little something about something…I’d tutor too. Whenever you have too much free time to yourself, just pick up a student!

  2. That is a pretty good gig. The trick, of course, is that you have to be good enough to have the repeat customers. I think I might be a bad teacher (“What, you think calculus is HARD?”).

  3. eemusings says:

    That’s crazy! That is some pretty good money. I didn’t have very much confidence in myself when I tutored. I don’t think I’m good at teaching, and explaining ideas. I tend to just “do” things or show someone “how” to do things, you know?

    What I’d like is a side job editing/proofing student’s papers (I don’t really have the time, let alone knowledge to do English tutoring anymore) but those services aren’t really in demand.

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