Impromptu Road Trip!

My dearest friend Okturn Delmoniq is helping move some of his friends to Memphis, Tennessee. Since this is within driving distance from me I’m going to take a road trip to go see him (and his friends!) Considering Okturn lives in Connecticut, any opportunity to visit him within a day’s drive or less it totally worth it to me.

It wasn’t really a planned trip, but I have enough money to reasonably do it. I’m just excited to get to see him – since I haven’t since I was at the conference in August.

For those of you keeping track, I’ve ventured in the past year on weekend excursions to Indianapolis, Chicago, Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati and now Memphis. Those of you with decent map skills should be able to triangulate me from all that info I’d imagine. =)

My goal is to take some PB&J stuff with me for food as well as some chips. And eat my own stuff as much as possible. Eating out will probably be a little difficult to avoid on Sunday, but I’ll try my darndest! I’m putting a budget on myself including gas, hotel, daycare, food and outings of $250. We’ll see how that goes!


6 Responses to Impromptu Road Trip!

  1. FYI. Your dinner on Sunday is probably taken care of. =)

    Dear lord, I cant believe that I am up at 3am. Guess that is the fun of road trips! See you tomorrow!!!

  2. That sounds like a fun road trip, enjoy! 🙂 PS: I’m glad you’re posting here and there, I’ve missed you!

  3. hey! wordpress is working today! yay! I can comment now. 😀

    have fun on your trip! If you have a cooler, you can put some ice packs in there with some cured meats like pepperoni and salami. and make yourself sandwiches this way too.

  4. Road Trip! WOO! Don’t get too crazy kids!!

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