Net Worth February

It took me a little while to calculate my network for February, but it is finally done. Also, I used this as a chance to go through my money and see exactly where my two weeks of obliviousness has left me. Surprisingly, I have MORE money than I thought I did.

I don’t have any money left in my “fun fund” now because I paid for the scuba diving for my dad. I don’t foresee any steady streams of fun fund money in the near future since I’m not going to activity be seeking or doing tutoring (the former source of my “fun money”). I haven’t decided what I’ll do to supplement this.

I ended up with $1,500 in my E-fund. Which is too high. (Who ever thought they would see a PF blogger say THAT?) It is too high because my checks from the community college go straight into my E-fund account. So I need to transfer money out of there and put it on my credit card.

With a combination of not making my small contributions to my credit card this month, and all of my expenses that have yet to be reimbursed, my credit card balance only went down by about $200 this month. Once I get my reimbursement money and transfer funds from my E-fund to my checking account (which are scheduled to go through today), I’ll have paid down nearly $1,000 in February.

So here is how my NetWorth looks right now:


  • Cash: $500  (I always just use this value, since it is the average of what I have in my checking account on any given month)
  • Stocks: $1,092
  • Retirement: $8,828
  • Mutual Funds: $5,212 (did not update this month)
  • E-fund: $1,589


  • Student loans: $14,993
  • Credit card: $12,178

Total net worth: -$9,950

I increased my Net Worth another $1,000 from January to February without even trying. So that’s exciting. By the end of the year it looks like I’ll be positive, which is exciting!

It is also REALLY exciting to be under $10,000. Even if it is by only $50.

The history of my net worth can be found here.

5 thoughts on “Net Worth February

    1. Wow, great question. I have about $360 of that in an IRA (long story there), $4,300 in a 403(b) account with Fidelity (in Target date mutual funds) and $4,000 in a 403(b) account with TIAA-CREF (in Target date mutual funds) and I recently switched my contributions with TIAA-CREF to that half is going to a LATER target date than Fidelity (2050 vs 2040) and the other half is going to Index-500 funds. But those only has one month of contributions in them so far. I should write a more detailed post on my thought process here I suppose! =)

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