345 Days of No Eating Out: Week 5

Image Courtesy of Debt Ninja http://www.punchdebtintheface.com

Jan 29th (Day 27) – Bagel and cream cheese for breakfast. One artichoke sausage for lunch. Dinner at the airport – burger and Dr Pepper.

(Note: I had previously said that I wouldn’t allow days of travel TO a destination. After travelling this time I’ve realized how ridiculous this is. I had 12 minutes to check into my flight in time because of meetings at work on Friday evening. So I’m revising my rule to be that meals at airports are allowed, but not encouraged.)

Jan 30th  – Eat out. In San Diego! Breakfast at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (Chai). Lunch at my favorite taco shop – got TJ style mini-carnitas tacos. Dad bought dinner at Greek restaurant in Ventura – had flaming cheese and shared a sampler plate with my sister.

Jan 31st – (Day 28). All meals were provided by the dive boat. Ate a tiny (quite pathetic, actually) breakfast burrito. Apples before and after our first dive. Tri-tip steak with rice and ranch style beans for lunch. A granola bar (okay, two) after the third dive. Warm brownie with ice cream and chocolate sauce after the second (okay, two).  Dinner bought by dad at In and Out (single cheese burger, shared fries with sister). Note, meals bought by family don’t count. =D

Feb 1st – Feb 5th (Day 29-33) – All meals provided by conference. The food isn’t really worth noting cause it isn’t that great. I sorta get a small portion of everything on my plate and hope that something doesn’t taste too horrible.

Total Days I’ve Eaten Out in 2010: 4


2 Responses to 345 Days of No Eating Out: Week 5

  1. Jessie says:

    hey there you are – it’s been a while!

    i’m so impressed that you’re sticking with this, your doing great!

  2. happytim says:

    For travel days, sandwiches are your friend. They may not be the most exciting food source, but a sandwhich and piece of fruit or bag of veggies should be plenty for the flight and keeps pretty well in your work fridge.

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