345 Days of No Eating Out: Week 2

Image Courtesy of Debt Ninja http://www.punchdebtintheface.com

Jan 8th (Day 8) – Apple and tea for breakfast. Single enchilada and orange for lunch with Dr Pepper generic. Curry chicken and rice for dinner.

Jan 9th (Day 9) – Apple and orange for breakfast. Two slices of meat-tastic pizza provided at faculty orientation for lunch. Two more cold slices for dinner. Went out and had 2 beers and a kamakazi shot. Cheetos puffs for a midnight snack.

(Note: Today was really hard going to orientation. Normally when I do things like this I like to stop by Starbucks and get myself a Chai latte to drink while I force myself awake. Instead I took 2 pieces of fruit and some water. I really need to look into some  Chai tea alternatives, but the ones I’ve tried in the past (even the kind you can buy at Starbucks) just don’t taste as good. And I heard from Well-heeled on Twitter that Trader Joe’s isn’t selling their mix anymore. Anyway… this was a hard morning with out a delicious Chai.)

Jan 10th (Day 10) – Tea and banana for breakfast. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch with generic Dr Pepper. One apple sausage for dinner with potato salad.

(Note: stole bites of a friend’s Oreo frosty from Wendy’s. I’m not counting it since I didn’t pay for it, didn’t get anything from Wendy’s and only had 3-4 bites. I also got some free samples from Sam’s Club while we were there.)

Jan 11th (Day 11) – Tea, apple and yogurt for breakfast. Left over curry chicken and rice for lunch and generic Dr Pepper. Orange for mid-afternoon snack. Chili with 2-slices of wheat bread for dinner.

Jan 12th (Day 12) – Poptart and tea for breakfast. Last of my curry chucken and rice for lunch. Apple for mid-afternoon snack. Starbucks Chai Latte while I prepared lectures around dinner time.

(Note: I know, you guys are probably reading this and saying WHAT?!!? STARBUCKS?! But yanno what, I allowed this to myself in my rules. I am allowed to get a Starbucks (or other coffee location) when I’m preparing for my lectures OR when I’m going out socially (dates, ect); I am NOT however allowed to get Starbucks for a meal replacement – i.e. picking one up just for pure enjoyment or as breakfast – I have to have an alternative productive purpose to get that latte – However, I will admit that stepping foot in the store made me feel really, really, really guilty. So I may have to disallow this to myself. We’ll see… however, this is allowed by my rules.)

Jan 13th (Day 13) – Apple for breakfast. Two apple sausages for lunch with a few bites of potato salad. Generic Dr Pepper. Too busy the rest of the day to get dinner (aka went to bed more tired than hungry).

Jan 14th (Day 14) – Yogurt and free mini-muffins from the snack machine dude – thanks snack machine dude! Peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a Rockstar for lunch. Beef with broccoli and cauliflower for dinner. (Finally some veggies!)

Thing that made me happy today: Jack snoring in the back seat of the car when I picked him up. So cute and sweet.


11 Responses to 345 Days of No Eating Out: Week 2

  1. Striving for a Simple Life says:

    Congrats on not eating out for the second week!

    I don’t know if I could make it a full 345 days. I’m just trying to make it through January with my challenge. 🙂


  2. I’m happy to see someone else who eats apples about as much as I do.

    • SS4BC says:

      Hahah.. I bought a big bag of them on New Year’s day and I’ve been trying to get through them before they go bad!

      Now, if only I could fit in as many veggies as I do fruit! =)

  3. Jessie says:

    I think you’re doing so well! I wonder if you will wind up eating healthier as well as not spend money at restaurants because your being so accountable for it.

  4. You’re doing great. 🙂
    I wouldn’t be able to hold out this long at all. ^_^;

  5. mo says:

    wow – its really interesting to read your entire diet for a week. It seems very american to me! Have you thought of making real coffee at home? I have an expresso maker and its very easy – and just as addictive! But if you want the proper latte kick…. I heat my milk up in hte mug in the microwave…

    • SS4BC says:

      Since I HATE HATE HATE coffee I don’t think that would work very well for me. =)

      But I would like to find a nice Chai that I could drink at home. So far haven’t found one!

  6. Kira says:

    I found a red chai bagged tea @ trader joe’s and i’ve heated it up (2-3 bags for a big cup) w/ milk and it came out pretty good! The Oregon mix isn’t bad… but it’s a LOT of sugar.

    • SS4BC says:

      I have some of the red chai, I’ll try it with milk! Thanks for the suggestions!

      I actually didn’t like the oregon mix when I drank it.

      Also, good to “see” you Kira! =)

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