Fierce Style

So I mentioned a few weeks ago that I wanted to pick up Christian Siriano’s book “Fierce Style”.

I requested it from the library. And lo and behold it has arrived.

It is cute and clever in a Christian kind of way. But let me tell you ladies, if you want to maintain a budget STAY AWAY FROM THIS BOOK.

He talks about how it is fine to buy $300 t-shirt and how labels are where it is at.

From a designer I understand where he is coming from. As someone who cares about money – holy shit run away from this book.

If you can stand reading about Prada and Manolo in a way that makes you realize how stupid your Express jeans and Target tank are – well – go for it, you’ll probably be entertained. If you have shopping tendancies, well, step away from this book. Very slowly. Back up… further…


A little more…

Good, far enough.

Thing that made me happy today: Teaching the first day of class. Students are so full of promise and hope. They have yet to be beaten down by homework and exams. Each of them think they can get an A and I LOVE that mentality!


3 Responses to Fierce Style

  1. A+ for you for getting the book from the library.

  2. teaching is the best thing one can do… all d best

  3. that’s a cool book. I didn’t know he wrote anything. I’ll have to check it out at my local library too.

    as for his encouragement of buying designer clothes… well, he IS a designer. You can’t blame him. This is how he makes a living. 😉

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