I had this really long post…

About how much work has sucked the past two days.

But I’ve decided to just keep it to myself.

Needless to say, I’m reaffirmed in my stance that I need to get out of my current position.

Anyway, just keep me in your thoughts or prayers or whatever you do. I have a long road ahead of me, and I hope it gets better.

What made me happy today: Having people in my life that I can talk to when nothing else makes me happy that day

7 thoughts on “I had this really long post…

  1. *hugs* indeed. It’s a sad fact that people will mislead you in order to get you in the door, I saw it happen (to me and to others) a number of times by the same manager and we didn’t have contracts so we didn’t have much traction to stand up to it.

    But I’ve got my fingers crossed for you that there are immediate changes you can make and that this turns out well for you.

  2. I read ur entry in reader which I guess u deleted.
    I really feel for you because I have worked under someone similarly finicky.
    And researching under such profs brings these moments.
    at such testing times, remind yourself of why you originally decided to work under him, most probably because he is good in his work. And then concentrate on positives. Good guide really helps in getting recognition to thesis, papers and all.
    I am sure you will come out of this with more positives added in your life.

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