Net Worth Update

I’ve been very lucky since I started monitoring my Networth that I haven’t had a month where my Networth has gone down – only up. December was no exception. I ended the month up around $1,000.

Here is the run down of my funds:

Stocks – $1,138
Mutual Funds – $5,212 (value updated quarterly)
Retirement – $8,479
Emergency Fund – $1,171
Average Cash on Hand – $500

Student Loan – $15,157
Credit Card – $12,297

Net Worth As Of Today

Here is the picture representation of my NetWorth growth over time:

You can see the number values of my NetWorth over the past 9 months here.

I have not made an official goal for my NetWorth to go over $0. However, if I pay off my credit card by the end of 2010 I should end up with a positive net worth by the end of 2010.

I refuse to make NetWorth goals when my positive worth is tied to a fluctuating stock market, because no one can predict how the stock market will behave – only how much they contribute to it.

I’m excited that my NetWorth has increased nearly $10,000 in the last 9 months. I’ve made excellent progress on my goals!

Thing that made me happy today: Running with Jack. He’s finally able to go long(er) distances without pooping out on me. What a good dog I have!

6 thoughts on “Net Worth Update

    1. Yeah, I figured with a full year of eating in not to post about the challenge more than every once in a while. But I will still keep track of everything for some weekly or semi-monthly postings. =)

    1. Thanks me!

      It helps that I am shedding debt. So I not only loose principle from the balance but also the negative interest. That helps the value add up fast!

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