2010 Goals

Four little goals, right? But they won’t be easy.

Eliminate all credit card debt

To eliminate all of my credit card debt I’ll need to pay$1,200/month on my credit card. No short order when my take-home pay is $2,500/month.

So how do I make this happen?

Extra money, that’s how.

Currently I make extra money on top of my 9-5 job in the following ways:

  • Teaching at the local community college (~$904/month Jan-May, unknown pay after that)
  • Tutoring in real life (~$200/month)
  • Tutoring online (~$30-50/month currently, have made up to $500/month in the past)
  • Filling out surveys (~$3-10/month)

Because of these extra jobs I was able to pay $1,370 towards my credit card debt in October, $1,227 in November, and $1,357 in December.

Even though I have around $13,000 worth of debt right now, I hope to be debt free by the end of 2010! With a lot of diligence and quite a bit of hard work I think I can achieve it!

Maintain a $1,200 Emergency Fund

I had to spend some of my E-fund on my car is December, which made me pretty sad since I had JUST reached my $1,200 goal two weeks prior. However, I was SO happy to be able to pay for my car repair out of pocket with with E-fund. I’ll get it back up to around $1,050 today with my extra paycheck from the community college for some of the substitute teaching I did in December. While the goal is to maintain the E-fund at $1,200 – I’m not going to stress over anything less than $1,000. I’ll be contributing $33/month into the E-fund every month as long as it doesn’t go below $1,000. If it does go below $1,000 then I’ll lower my debt contribution until it has been restored to $1,000 (or above). My goal is simply to MAINTAIN what I have in this fund, no more and no less, over the course of the next year.

No eating out for 345 days in 2010

Test tube spice rack! (picture is linked to Amazon where you can get your own!)

I’ve been getting in all of my “last meals” the past week. And last night I had a very nice dinner at a restaurant in town. I have bought about $100 worth of groceries. A lot of stuff for indian and thai food, because those are two of my favorites. I’ve thought about doing some sort of recipe type feature on the blog, but I just don’t have the energy for that. While I won’t be eating out, I doubt I’ll become a Martha Stewart overnight.

I did get myself an AWESOME spice rack for Christmas on the 26th that has all the spices in test tubes. Perfect for a chemist in the kitchen, huh?

For some reason in my head, I keep thinking that this Challenge will be REALLY easy. Maybe I’m underestimating how much I actually eat out? Or perhaps I’m underestimating how truly lazy I am. =)

I plan on keeping some basic stuff in the house for when I’m feeling really lazy: some peanut butter and jelly, bread, chips and salsa. I’ll make up some pre-made foods for my freezer. I don’t have a microwave, so convenience foods of that nature won’t be a temptation for me. I’m really excited about this journey. I know the first few months will be the worst as I grapple with my desire to want to go get some breadsticks from my favorite pizza place or go eat some Qdoba.  I just have to keep the big picture in mind.

Do something every day that makes me happy

I saw these words on a sign at Target (I may actually use a $20 Giftcard I got for Christmas and go buy it to remind myself). It isn’t easy to take time for yourself each day and do something you love. I want to make sure that every day I do a small thing that makes me happy. Like snuggling with my dog. Taking a bath. Putting away my laundry (it makes me happy when my clothes are all put away!) Taking a walk with the dog. Going to bed early. Giving a good lecture. I want each day to do at least one thing that puts a smile on my face. I’ll probably do something Me In Millions style at the end of my posts saying what I did that day that made me happy.


4 Responses to 2010 Goals

  1. Awesome goals, SS4BC, I’m feeling really positive about everyone’s goals & think we can all do it!

  2. Great Goals!! I love that you included to do something that makes you happy every day – it’s so important to keep that balance.

  3. Thanks for the shout out. I love adding my “grateful fors” at the end of my posts. It definitely gives me a moment to think of something positive, especially if it’s been a crappy day. There’s always something to be happy about.

  4. Serendipity says:

    Good luck to you and your goals this year. You can do it!

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