2009: A Review and Thanks!

Things I’ve Learned in 2009

1. Dogs truly are man’s best friend

2. Relationships are only as good as the honesty that you bring to them

3. When faced with a challenge, I tend to swim – not sink

4. Spin your wheels in mud long enough and eventually you’ll break free and go faster than you ever thought possible

5. Somehow, beyond all belief and reason, things always seem to work out

6. Swagbucks is quite possibly the best invention ever as far as I’m concerned

7. How you spend your money says more about you than the things that you say

8. Roth IRAs are awesome – and so are index funds

9. Just because I CAN do something doesn’t mean I HAVE to do something

10. My career, my life, my future isn’t set – it is up to me and I can choose to do whatever I want – and change my mind at any time

11. Sometimes you have to spend money to save money – your car, your sanity, and your health are includedd in this list

12. Once you find your motivation, you can do anything. The hardest part is finding the thing that drives you every day.

13. Sometimes, the things that make the greatest difference, take little to no effort at all

14. I don’t want to be defined by money, I just want to be confident about my financial situation

15. I love photography – a lot

16. I cried at every engagement story that I read about in 2009 – with no exceptions

17. Family should always come before money. No one ever regrets the time they spent with family, only the time they didn’t.

18. Sometimes, the things that seem so horrible in the moment, will lead to the greatest blessings of your life

19. I have a “monetary clock” that is set to go off the 20th every month.

20. I want more from one lifetime than I could possible accomplish, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try!

My best friend: Jack!

Also, just as a recap, these are the Top 10 most read articles on my blog in 2010:

10. How My Dad Has Survived

9. Debt Free in 2010?

8. “You fall in love with those you spend time with”

7. Apartment Therapy Week 3

6. Eureka! My 2010 Challenge!

5. Swagbucks – And why I LOVE it

4. Something I’m Not Proud Of

3. Gazelle Like Intensity

2. 100% Down For A House

1. You Shouldn’t Buy A House If…

Jack is comfortable in any situation - I could learn a thing or two from him!

My Top Referrers in 2009:

1. Saving for Later

2. Jessie’s Money

3. TeacHer Finance

4. Chronicles of Debt

5. Give Me Back My Five Bucks

6. The Lost Goat

7. Carrie On The Cheap

8. Punch Debt in the Face

9. Frugal Dreamer

10. Northern Living Allowance

I want to thank all my readers, both the loyal and the casual, for helping me along in 2009. You’ve given me inspiration, food for thought, and a desire to keep pushing myself. I wish you all the best in 2010 and hope that you continue with me in the journey of the New Year!

7 thoughts on “2009: A Review and Thanks!

  1. Awesome pic of your puppy! They really do add so much to our lives eh? Sounds like you’ve had a banner year in terms of lessons learned. Hear’s to more lessons learned in 2010. Happy New Year!

  2. I so agree with your first observation, they are also such great teachers. I hope 2010 is a great year for both you and Jack.

  3. Hey there, follow your blog but first comment (I think)…

    I swear, the rule of a small emergency fund is that as soon as you get it up to where you want it, you have to use it for something. It’s like a test. You’ll be able to get it back up.

    Good luck on your credit card payoff goal! I think it’s an excellent goal! Last year, my debt free goal meant I’d have to find $1,000 month somehow. I had no idea how it would happen at the time, but we did it! One month at a time…

    I’m on the fence on committing to your fast food goal too. It’s a GREAT goal that I should probably do too. =]

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