Need a last minute gift? Or want a holiday giggle?

If you’re heading into Christmas and not sure what to get someone on your list, let me make a recommendation:

Straight No Chaser

This band is local to where I’m from and has recently been making quite a resurgance on the internet the past year, and have been touring and got themselves a record deal. Even heard an interview with them on NPR when I was in Chicago in October. They have a fantastic Christmas album that is available at Target. I picked it up for myself to listen to while driving from Phoenix to Valencia, CA two days ago and listened to it 5 times in a row.

If you haven’t heard of Straight No Chaser, here are some YouTube clips to get you in the spirit. They are an acapela group with a fun, light hearted twist. I can’t wait to hear what they do with a non-holiday tune. Should be fun!

12 Days of Christmas (the song that went internet viral and got these guys back together after 10 years after they last performed!)

Christmas Can-Can (this one is just hilarious, there is also an animated version!)

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