Oops… Spending confession

I woke up yesterday morning with a brilliant idea.

My dad NEEDS an electronic picture frame. That would be the PERFECT gift for him.

So when we were at Best Buy getting my dad the $300 laptop they had on special this week, I found one that was on sale for $79. Last night I opened it up and loaded some photos on to it.

Worse yet, I put the purchase on my credit card because I knew that I didn’t have “enough” money to pay for it. Which is a bold face lie because I have around $300 left in my “Fun Fund” and over $700 in my E-fund.

So I obviously need to pay it back. I’m just disappointed that I fell prey to the temptations of spending. It was also the first time I’d been to a store in like a year. I had just been staying clear of temptation. (Also, the same frame is available on Amazon for $67… and I have $25 in Amazon.com giftcards from Swagbucks just sitting in my account that I could have used… it was really an impulse buy for me).

Then I got home and I’ve just been eyeing the Netbook on Woot today. It is exactly what I want and a reasonable price. But I know logically that I shouldn’t spend $226 on a Netbook when I have debt. But man do I want so hard and it is exactly the Netbook I’ve been looking for. The specs are right, the price is right… only my budget is wrong.


Sometimes it sucks to be financially responsible when you KNOW your old self would do something, and you know that you SHOULDN’T, but you really, really, REALLY want to!

**After the fact note… I’ve convinced myself not to buy the netbook because of this article about repairs rates of the different brands of laptops. I have a Sony laptop and love it, so I’ll probably just wait to save up money for a Sony Netbook. $200 more, but if it can last me longer without repair or failure it is worth it to me. Also, all my other electronics are Sony so they interface nicely (not that this REALLY matters in the grand scheme of things… I would probably also get suckered into a Toshiba if the price was right).

6 thoughts on “Oops… Spending confession

  1. I know, I know! Since I’m totally snowed in, I’ve been thinking a lot about random stuff and one thing I was thinking yesterday is how much I’ve changed, financially. Kind of like that post you wrote a few weeks ago about not wanting stuff. It’s good, it really is, to be waay more responsible but sometimes it sucks. It feels like I have so much more to worry about now. But I guess that means that I’ll have less to worry about later….

    On the other hand, it’s a really cool gift. You should just use some of your Fun Fund to pay it off your credit card. I mean it was for fun (for your dad), and it’ll be fun to see how happy he is to have such a nice gift.

    1. I know you’re right. I just feel sorta “down” on myself because I was trying to plan everything really well. And now that I’m hear with my family I just want to buy them all kinds of stuff! I think next year I’ll have to plan a little better with my gifts based on my experience this year.

    2. Also, I hope I have less to worry about. Hopefully when this credit card gets payed off I can relax a little.

      We’ll see. I’d like to be able to “splurge” on myself every once in a while. Yanno… Like a new vacuum when mine dies. Or getting my hair cut. Or my eyebrows waxed. All things I haven’t done since I started repaying the debt because it seems like a “waste of money” that could be going to pay down this damn card. Hopefully only one more year of this! =D

  2. I totally love you for not buying it because I was struggling with temptation since you tweeted it this morning. Was going to really regret not getting it but my budget really couldn’t bear the cost. Plus I don’t even have internet at home right now, all I really need is to be getting another ‘book with which I couldn’t get online. 🙂

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