Fun Fund Expense – Shipping and a Movie

Shockingly, when I deposited my checks and cash for the past few days, my receipt said that my Fun Fund was currently sitting at $401.

I mean, I’ve only been adding to it recently, not taking anything out – but I was just shocked by how much was in there.

The only money I put in this account is from tutoring and doing surveys. $401. Wow.

I was hoping just to get enough to cover the scuba trip in January with my dad (if he can make it, I’ll talk to him about it tomorrow when he picks me up from the airport).

Anyway, I decided when I got to the post office to mail my Christmas presents that I needed to pay for that out of my fun fund. Technically the fun fund is supposed to pay for: Entertainment, Clothes, Gifts

And since I’m mailing Christmas presents to my family I’m counting it under the gift category. The shipping for the three packages I sent out and one letter was $27. OUCH – and I sent everything as cheap as I could. I didn’t care if stuff got there by Christmas because frankly, I ENJOY getting packages after Christmas – it extends the holiday for me (also, it was half the price!) 😉

Mr Cousin came down this evening so that we could celebrate him finishing the Fall semester. (Don’t worry, it was all very friendly – we make MUCH better friends than we ever did a couple!) He paid for the dinner at Wendy’s and then we went and watched the $5 movie at the theatre (which I paid for out of my Fun Fund – $10 total!).

The movie was “A Serious Man” – and I knew NOTHING about it going in.

The movie is based on the Book of Job. Which actually (in my mind) made it a great holiday movie because of the religious undertones. However, that doesn’t mean that it is warm and uplifting and heart warming. In fact it is quite the opposite.

The movie, and the Book of Job, directly ask the most pertinent question that religion (specifically Judaism and Christianity) has: How can we reconcile the existence of God in a world where bad things happen to good people?

A Serious Man shoes us the trials of a modern day Job. A faithful Jewish man who works as a professor of Physics, who suddenly finds himself with a cheating wife that is asking for a divorce. A daughter who steals money from him. A 13 year old son who smokes pot. A student who tries to bride him for a good grade, and the threat of not getting tenure… and of course more… as the trials of Job would go.

It is so very hard watching the movie understanding how such a man could still believe in God. And the main character (Larry) also finds it difficult. He speaks to Rabbis who offer him nothing but glimmers of intellectual wisdom that do nothing to calm the heart of someone who is hurting.

While in the Book of Job, God eventually rewards Job for his faithfulness (after a good chastising for his doubt in belief), the Coen Brothers leave us wondering – will anything good ever happen to Larry? Or will his life just continue to be a series of unfortunate events?

Like most Coen Brother’s movies, this one isn’t for everyone. However, for those of you familiar with the Book of Job, you’ll probably find the experience quite rewarding and thought provoking.

BTW – has anyone else noticed that the book in the Bible that goes through the horrible tribulations of a faithful man should have the same name as the place we go every day to pay for life? Job. I’m sure someone has noticed this before…


6 Responses to Fun Fund Expense – Shipping and a Movie

  1. I did notice that…Although his name is pronounced like Jobe. Hmm, maybe its to take the shock facter away? LOL. Sounds like a cool movie.

  2. Airam says:

    Ha. I honestly have never thought of that before. Interesting point. And an intersting sounding movie too, now I’m def going to have to see it.

  3. TMcImmy says:

    I’m a Cohen Brothers fan, so I definitely plan to see that movie.

    For the longest time I thought “G.O.B.” Bluth was spelled “Job” as they are pronounced the same way. I think I had to read online that it was a nickname based on the character’s initials (George Oscar Bluth)

  4. eemusings says:

    BTW – has anyone else noticed that the book in the Bible that goes through the horrible tribulations of a faithful man should have the same name as the place we go every day to pay for life? Job. I’m sure someone has noticed this before…

    I think I have, but never really made the connection ya know?

    Isn’t that the truth though – the hardest thing about religion is tallying that with all the horrors of life on earth.

    Nice work on the fun fund – great that it’s built up so fast without you even realising 😛

  5. What’s even cooler than how fast your savings grew is the fact that it’s all extra money.

    I never liked the book of Job; that’s not the way I like to picture God. There’s even one point in BoJ where Job is pleading, “Why you gotta crap so hard on my life?” and God just says, “Don’t question me, I’m God!” Instead of admitted that we’re all just sea monkeys and he could probably flush us down the toilet once he gets too bored.

    I’m being facetious, of course.

    I hate movies without happy endings, so I will probably skip this one 😉

  6. oh my goodness…I put my reply to this post in your previous post! I never noticed that about the book of Job and our jobs…lol.

    I love the Cohen brothers, I think I am going to put this on my list of want to see movies.

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