When Is Your Financial Birthday?

Sure, sure, I could tell you I’m a Leo born in 1980. But that isn’t what I’m referring to. I’m talking about your FINANCIAL birthday.

I can tell you when I was financially conceived – it was September 2008.

The little seed of personal finance was sewn and I started to grown within the womb of my personal finance blog. I started this blog to keep myself accountable and to connect myself with individuals who would provide me with encouragement. I was nourished, I grew. Sometimes I felt like I might miscarry – but I continued to grow – I did not give up.

Then it happened, August 12 2009 – I was financially born!

As MPP pointed out in a comment on my post last Friday, she could tell when the change occurred. This day, August 12th, was the day of the (non)-infamous six mile walk in Salve Regina, Rhode Island. My water had broke. The last straw had been pulled. I wasn’t going to take this debt lying down – I was going to DO something about it. That day started the last 4 months. I’m still a new-born as you can see. Still struggling to get through each day. But each day I get stronger and hopefully I’ll be able to stand, and to walk, and run – debt free – in no time.

What was your financial birthday?


6 Responses to When Is Your Financial Birthday?

  1. I don’t think I’ve been financially born yet! But, if I had to pick a date, I guess I began to consider managing my money with my first job in June of 2001. I was getting $100 a week to work 10 hour days with kids in Harlem, NY. I realized immediately that I was underpaid, but I knew that I would rather be making money than sitting at home, broke. I’ve had a job ever since then and have been keeping a savings/checking account.

    That must mean that I entered financial puberty when I started investing in March 2009 and maybe I’ll be an adult when I get a house and a “real budget.” So not to get all existentialist on you, but what is financial death, then?

  2. Serendipity says:

    I like to still think of myself as a bun in the oven! But as a new reader to your blog and catching up, it seems youve made some strides. Congrats on that and congrats on being financially born. šŸ˜‰

  3. eemusings says:

    Just went back to read the Gazelle post – I’m impressed with how head on you’ve tackled it! And you’re doing SO well, especially with all the tutoring you’re doing lately.

    I was first ‘conceived’ probably in late 2007, when I got tired of overdrafting and never having money (despite T working FT and making decent money). My attempts at budgeting fell flat, because I didn’t REALLY know how to make one – dealing with irregular expenses and varying income! I just kept making idealised ‘mockup’ budgets and becoming depressed.

    My epiphany probably came another six months later when I started tracking more carefully, allocating realistic amounts to categories and planning spending week by week. Oh, and I’m also quite proud that in 2007 I started banking money for bills every week, eliminating the desperate cash scramble at the end of each month.

  4. I’ve always been a bit of a saver. I think I was born when I was about 8. I saved b-day and Christmas money and bought clothes for my Barbie and a wallet…haha it’s true! I was a big saver, working through high school making a few mistakes along the way as most financial toddlers do. I saved for my own RESP and went off to university. There I feel like I was in financial puberty learning to save and spend wisely but still having some fun. I think I’m still in financial puberty. I’m still learning more about saving and paying off debt. It will be a while before I’m a financial adult…I will consider myself an adult when I have a house, am married and have a child and can still balance everything! I look forward to financial retirement (debt-free from all those adult things)!!

  5. My financial birthday was in September of 2005 in a bankruptcy court. On the way there, I purchased a copy of Money Magazine. I filled out the 3 year subscription card while waiting to be called on by the bankruptcy judge. I promised myself that I would read it cover to cover for the next 3 years and I did.

    In a way, I feel like I had a second financial birthday in November of 2009. That was when I purchased the domain MyMillionairePlan.com and went public with my goal to become a millionaire. It was scary, because the goal finally felt real.

  6. July 2007 is my financial birthday. I keep track by the number of budgets that I completed. On December 15th I completed my 60th budget, 30 months/2.5years in the making.

    I am still a toddler in the game.

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