And The Winner Is…

I wanted to congratulate Sunflowers for being the lucky random winner of the pedometer! She has made the commitment to go the extra mile with me and in return will be receiving this fantastic pedometer.

So far my attempts to go the extra mile have gone well. I’ve taken the stairs every chance I get – and since I work in two different buildings – with my labs on the 4th floor of each – this has been quite an effort to do every hour! I have caught myself pushing the button for the elevator, realized what I was doing and then backed up and took the stairs.

I’ve also started parking in a farther away parking garage. It is about three blocks from my building rather than one, so it isn’t too far away – but still going a few extra steps each day.

I plan on going running quite a bit while I’m visiting my dad in the fair weather of the Southwest for Christmas. I’ll keep you abreast of the details!

I’ve also figured out my next step, and it will be quite a difficult one for me but one that will definitely be necessary!

Did you know that by taking the stairs every day rather than the elevator you can burn 28 calories each trip? If you take the stairs three times a day you’ll burn 3 pounds of fat a year! Just from taking the stairs. Remember those 3 pounds next time you’re considering pushing the elevator button. 🙂


2 Responses to And The Winner Is…

  1. Sunflowers says:

    Ooh!! Yay 😀 Thank you!!

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