Alternatives to Cards and Wrapping Paper

Yesterday I attended a baby shower for one of my colleagues. She isn’t in the lab that I work in, but in the one that I collaborate with. I was thrilled to get an invitation. Somehow, as a 29 year old female, this was my first baby shower as an adult. All of my friends in high school and in college had babies after I or they had moved away.

One thing that I hate, hate, hate spending money on is wrapping paper and cards. $4 for a little roll of wrapping paper? $2.99 for a card? I’d rather spend the $6.99 on a real gift.

Of course people have the typical things they use for cheap wrapping paper: newspaper, construction paper, maps, comics

For the baby shower I decided to wrap the present in something useful – the crocheted baby blanket that I made.

I like wrapping gifts in USEFUL items. A blanket. A crocheted scarf. A  reusable canvas bag tied with a bow.

So I wrapped my two registry purchased items in my crocheted baby blanket tied with my crocheted flower bow. For a card I wrote just a little note on some stationary that I picked up a few years ago and included the gift receipt. The stationary has little animals around it so it was perfect for a baby shower.

All in all I spent $22 on my two registry requested gifts, a pack of diapers for the lottery at the shower, the baby blanket I made as wrapping and the “card” that I hand wrote myself.

Here are some pictures a few of the baby blankets I’ve made as wrapping paper in the past:

16 Responses to Alternatives to Cards and Wrapping Paper

  1. I went to my first baby shower a week ago as well! Many friends have babies but I have never been close enough to go to a shower.

    I feel the same way about wrapping paper but haven’t been creative enough to think of any other ideas. I did avoid buying ribbon and a bow this time though by tying yarn around it that matched the booties I made, and tying the booties on top like a bow. I wish I had taken a picture!

    I can’t get away from spending money on cards though. I love cards. I love spending a long time in the store, picking out the perfect card. I also keep cards that people send me for ages. I’ve been more conscious of the cost lately – opting for 2.99 cards instead of 3.99 cards, etc. – but it’s a little thing I find it hard to give up. I did find a package of ten cards for about $8 the other day and I’m trying to use them but I keep forgetting. I bought them for the same reason you avoid cards/wrapping – I often send people Starbucks cards, and this way I can send $10 instead of $5.

    (Whoa, long comment. I didn’t realize I had that much to say! :-))

  2. Leighanne says:

    I also went to my first baby shower as an adult last Sunday. Ended up splitting the cost of one of the most expensive registry gifts with 3 friends.

    I love the blanket gift wrap idea. While it’s cost effective, there’s also no waste.

    I have to agree with Jenn that it’s very hard for me to get away from buying cards. I love giving them and receiving them. I’ve tried overcoming this by buying some creative boxed set cards. My best buy has been 30 cards for $12.99. They’re wonderful for all occasions and have no duplicates in the box.

    • SS4BC says:

      That is nice that you were able to split the cost with some friends! I felt kinda silly that I was getting a crib sheet and a look “feel-see” book. =)

  3. wow – those blankets are pretty impressive. My grandmother quilts, and I’ve always wanted to learn the skill from her, but never taken the time to sit down and do it.

    I love how crafty you are!

    • SS4BC says:

      My grandma knits. She’s tried to teach me but for some reason I just can’t pick it up quickly like I did with crochet and quilting. Maybe some day! =)

      Dunno why it seems harder to learn the crafts that our grandmas can do so well?

  4. Those are great! I love the pink and white one!! They make me want to learn how to crochet! Maybe a 2010 goal…

  5. Oh also I do love cards, but my favourites to give and receive are actually “paper magic group” ones. They are handmade and so neat and only about 50 cents per card (although you have to buy a box of them. Even the boxes are really neat, I use them to hold photos later.

  6. I always love to gift/receive homemade gifts. Very creative to wrap with a ‘usable’ gift. I always reuse gift bags and tissue paper (long as they’re presentable). Not big on the cards but do have some blank ones I bought in packs.

  7. eemusings says:

    How adorable! And what a great idea. I too hate wrapping paper – it’s so wasteful, it gets torn up and then simply thrown away..

  8. I have yet to go to a baby shower. I’m going to start pressuring some people to hurry it up! Anyway, those crochetted gift wraps are adorable. I can’t crochet but maybe I like the idea of having the gift wrap be a gift itself.

  9. Revanche says:

    Ack! SO CUTE. I’ve come back to crocheting this week, would you teach me how to make a cute crocheted flower? It’s so much easier on the hands than knitting, and I never was really any good at knitting anyway.

    And I would looove it if I could send you in my place to baby showers, I’m skipping them from now on because I hate baby shower games and everyone insists on running them. Blech. [I know, party pooper! 🙂 ]

  10. Money Funk says:

    You are very talented there, missy! Those are adorable blankets! All 3 of my coworkers are pregnant right now and about 4 weeks apart from each other. Everyone comes asking me when I am going to hold a baby shower. How did I get stuck with the planning??? LOL. Oy vay!

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