SS4BH: Month 1 – Go The Extra Mile!

I told you last Saturday that I was going to try a new series on my blog called “Small Steps for Big Health“.  Each month I’m going to focus on a different small step in my life to change my overall health. These are INTENTIONALLY small steps. Some fitness fanatics might consider them ridiculously tiny steps, but the point of the small steps is to build healthy habits. And as one health habit builds on another we can create a healthy lifestyle. (Consider this saving $1/day – and each month we’ll increase our savings another $1/day. By the end of the year we’re saving $12/day. Not a bad chunk of change!)

Month 1: Go The Extra Mile

One of the best ways to get a little more exercise in your life is just by taking a few extra steps everyday. Our world has created a lot of conveniences for us, and those conveniences can add on the pounds.

My goal this month is to find all the ways that I can add a few extra steps to my life.

Here are some examples that I’m thinking about right now:

Take the stairs rather than the elevator

If you have stairs in your apartment or home, don’t save up trips at the bottom of the staircase – go up the stairs each time you need to. Your office is on the third floor of your building? Take the stairs. When you’re out doing Holiday shopping or traveling  – it will be easy to follow the crowds of people up the escalators. Don’t. Find the stairs and take them. Usually they’re less busy and you’ll get to your destination faster. Consider your bags as resistance to help make a good work out for you. =)

Park Far Away

I have seen people circling parking lots trying to find the “best” spot for a longer length of time than it would take them to just park far away and walk. Even better, parking farther away gives you a few more extra steps and burns that many more calories. So just park far away and let your cardiovascular system reap the benefits.

Take A Walk

Sounds so simple, right? When you’re going out to the mail box, why not just walk around the block? Walk to your favorite restaurant for lunch and take the long way. Sitting at work fuming about the dumb thing your colleague just said? Take it outside – on a walk.

Want to participate with me? I’ll be giving away this month a Distance Pedometer to a random reader who would like to Go The Extra Mile with me!

All you have to do is comment to this post with a commitment to go the extra mile whenever you can this month AND give a suggestion for how you plan to go the extra mile!**

In the coming weeks in December I’ll be talking more in detail about how walking can be beneficial, offering more suggestions for “going the extra mile” and giving you accounts how how I’ve added more walking into my life.

**reader given the pedometer will be chosen by – please comment your commitment & suggestion by December 11th, 2009 at midnight to be considered. Since I’m just sending this myself, it is open to anyone, anywhere in the world. =)


14 Responses to SS4BH: Month 1 – Go The Extra Mile!

  1. MPP says:

    Oooh I like it! I’ll commit to “go the extra mile” with you. One way I plan to do this is when i go on my cruise this Christmas I vow never to use the elevator.

  2. Sunflowers says:

    Count me in! I make the commitment to “go the extra mile.” 🙂 I plan to walk/jog to the grocery store (whenever possible) instead of taking my car!

  3. I am in!

    I plan to walk through New York City, even if I’d rather take the train, unless I’m running late to an appointment. This will allow me to exercise, get fresh air, and enjoy this beautiful city.

    This post was quite encouraging. I read it after an intense workout in the gym. I remember reading somewhere that the best way to stay motivated with exercise is to motivate others.

    Great job!

  4. Leighanne says:

    I commit to going the extra mile!!!

    When I’m finally able to get out and get some Christmas gifts, I’m not going to circle the mall parking lots endlessly looking for the closest spot. Instead, I’ll park further away and then take the stairs over the escalator when I’m in the mall.

  5. Rachel says:

    This is perfect. I just knocked one long term goal off my list and now I need a knew one. I should and will commit to taking more steps every day.

  6. littleengine says:

    I commit to going the extra mile. I tend to hibernate more in the winter and now that it’s starting to get colder I might be more tempted to skip the gym and head straight home. To compensate for the extra missed workouts sure to come, I’m planning on walking the 3 flights of stairs up to the office and also walk ‘laps’ around the inside corridor of the complex the building is part of.

  7. Revanche says:

    As much as I don’t want to do this, I know that means I really should! So I’m in. Taking the stairs, parking far away, whatever it takes to get back into fighting shape. 🙂

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