Spending Confessions

I alluded in my Anti-procrastination Day 2 post that I had spent more money that I normally do during Anti-procrastination weekend. And it is true. However… I need to come clean with you all.

Here is the total damage of this weekend:

Starting balance: $175.47

  • CVS to get listerine (to clean scuba gear, got in on sale for $4.00 + $1 CVS buck back), also bought a Dr. Pepper (had 50cent off coupon) $5.36
  • Petco – cat food and litter liners – $30.47
  • Goodwill – 2 cute jackets – $11.57
  • Papa John’s – lunch and dinner Saturday, lunch on Sunday – $15.63
  • Qdoba – dinner Sunday with Mr Cousin – $17.29 (I bought since I owed him dinner)
  • Petsmart – unnecessary purchase of dog toys for Jack – $21.38
  • Starbucks – tasting the Eggnog Chai Latte I had been “procrastinating” on getting (can we smell justification here?) – $3.99
  • Joann Fabrics – quilting material and other non-essential crafting supplies – $40.38

Total after the weekend of Anti-Procrastination: $29.40

After some buyers remorse – last night I returned one of Jack’s dog toys (well, exchanged it for cat litter) and I returned all of the craft supplies aside from the fabric for the quilt and one skein of yarn I got on sale to finish a baby blanket for a shower I’m going to December 5th. I got around $16 from Joann’s and broke even at Petsmart for the exchange of 1 dog toy for 27lbs of litter.

I’m just ASHAMED of how easy it was to fall back into my old spending habits when I stopped focusing on it for one weekend. I didn’t NEED the Dr. Pepper at CVS – I just went for the listerine. Nor did I need the latte at Starbucks, nor the two dog toys for Jack or most of what I purchased at Joann’s. I’m just… ashamed… but at least I could take some of it back…


9 Responses to Spending Confessions

  1. Karen says:

    I’ve done the same thing…and have returned some things when the guilt kicked in. Usually happens when I’ve been restricted with my spending.
    I don’t know….I think you might have needed the Dr Pepper. Of course, I have 3 cases stacked on my floor from the last sale…

    Acknowledge it, remember to better and continue on with the goals! 🙂

    • SS4BC says:

      Yeah, I think the main “problem” is that I need to purchase a case of DP for my apartment. So much cheaper to buy them on sale at the grocery store than to pick up a 20oz bottle on a whim. =)

      Don’t worry, I won’t let one mistake set me back! I’m absolutely 100% determined to get rid of this debt by July 2011, and one weekend of spending won’t stop me FOR SURE!

  2. Jessie says:

    small steps remember?

    It’s okay to spend some money on yourself…though I am proud you saw some unnecessary things and took them back.

  3. I hate having Buyers Remorse. I try to talk myself out of feeling guilty for like weeks after I make a “mistake.” Then I don’t feel so bad. Haha. Happy Thanksgiving though!

  4. Buyer’s remorse is never fun. It’s good that you took things back though and either got some money back or something that you will need.

    By the way, when do we get to see your quilt? I’m getting into the sewing hobby as well 🙂

  5. TMcImmy says:

    With some things like soda, it’s more expensive to impulse buy than to plan consumption. If you wait for sales you can often get 12-packs for $3. I’m not sure if CostCo has Dr. Pepper huge packs?

    It’s easy to spend money and hard not to. Sometimes I have an urge to spend money just to participate in society. It’s fun to go to a coffee shop and get a $3-4 drink. It’s fun to eat out for lunch rather than bringing a sammich.

    Money money money, and not a drop to drink.

    • SS4BC says:

      Yeah, I usually just get generics from the supermarket cause they are like 10cents per can that way.

      Also, there is no Costco here, just Sam’s club. And I wouldn’t buy a membership just to get soda anyway. =)

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