My Perfect Day

I know I am WEEKS behind in doing this since Frugal Dreamer posted about it. But mainly because I spent a lot of time thinking about what that “perfect day” would actually look like. So here is “roughly” how it goes on a weekday some 5-ish years from now:

1. What time do you wake up, and how are you feeling as you greet the day?

I wake up around 7am. I’m a little groggy from being up all night with some indigestion from the pregnancy, but otherwise I’m pretty happy. I have a meeting at 8:30, so I get get first shower before my husband does. I’m not sure what he does, but he loves his job.

2. Where are you?  If you’re at home, what does it look like?

I wake up at home. In our beautiful bedroom in our 1-bedroom apartment. We’ve been saving up for a few years to get our own home. The bedroom is dark and cosy with chocolate wood and warm pictures on the wall, but the rest of the apartment light and airy.

3. Who is with you?

Me, my “getting larger every day” belly, and my husband

4. What kind of work are you doing? (if you have no idea what kind of work you’ll be doing or want to be doing, list the qualities you want to find in the work you do and the kind of work environment you want.)

I’m an Assistant Professor at a nearby University. I have my own lab with a post-doc and 4 graduate students. I have group meeting at 8:30am. My graduate student is presenting an idea that I had recently come up with and shows some really exciting results that validate the method that I’ve created. I’m very exciting about this and immediately after the meeting go to my office to start writing both a grant on the results and start to formulate the paper which I hope will get into the Journal of American Chemical Society. It is a fantastic day of research.

5. As you head out to face the day, how do you look?  What are you wearing?

I’m wearing some pregnancy pants and a cute jacket that I got at a local consignment shop. They’re name brand, but I managed to get them for 80% off. Pretty stoked about that.

6. How do you get to work?

I drive my fuel efficient vehicle that I paid cash for.

7. When you’re done with work, how will you spend you spare time and with whom?  What activities do you enjoy?

Every night we take an hour walk with the dog. He loves it and so do we.

8. What is your evening like?

We go out once a week to a cultural event – like a play or a musical or the opera or a movie. Typically for the matinee since it is slightly cheaper and less crowded. We have game night once a week. And during the evenings we take turns cooking dinner and then relax from the stresses of the day. Sometimes our dinner conversation gets so intense (in a good way) that we end up sitting at the dinner table until near bed time because we’re just enjoying the conversation so much. A few times a week I retreat to my craft room and do that for a few hours while he plays some video games (or whatever it is that he enjoys to do on his own). This particular evening we’re discussing where we’d like to go on our baby-moon vacation in two months. I’m thinking Brazil and he’s thinking Thailand. It is a very heated discussion and in the end we decide that it would probably be best to go a big city in case there are any complications with the pregnancy while we’re there.

9. When you go to bed that night, how are you feeling after spending the day doing exactly what you love?

I go to bed sleeping in his nook and loving it. I’m so happy that my research is going well. I enjoyed planning our vacation. I look forward to the events up the upcoming days. It was a pretty fantastic day all around.

10. What are you most grateful for and what are you looking forward to as you go to sleep?

I’m thankful for a job that fulfills and satisfies me. A husband who loves and understands me. The family that we’re creating together and the experience that we’ve shared and will be sharing together.

…Now if only such a perfect day could become a reality!


13 Responses to My Perfect Day

  1. Airam says:

    Have you ever read a blog post written by another blogger and thought “if I ever met this person in real life I think we would be good friends?” You are too cute!!!

  2. Carrie says:

    Wow! That is an awesome perfect day! You have awesome dreams! I hope that guy comes along soon!! You have such a cool job… 🙂

  3. Simplelivin' says:

    I love the details!!! You are so imaginative!!! Game nights are the best!!!

  4. Simplelivin' says:

    P.S. I’ve been reading some of you’re back post and I love your post and writing style!!!

  5. mo says:

    oooh another good idea! Love it. and its a really lovely perfect day. hope it happens just like that! Although pregnancy may make you want to go to sleep at 6.30pm…….

  6. eemusings says:

    That sounds amazing 🙂

  7. Sounds so great!!!! 🙂

  8. SP says:

    You put in so much thought! I never would have thought of so many details. I love how you and your husband ultimately resolved your debate!

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