Anti-Procrastination Day 2

While I did get quite a bit of stuff done yesterday, I’m sure the list won’t seem as substantial as yesterday because a lot of it included things that took hours to do. So here is what I got accomplished yesterday:

  1. Finished picked up my closet. All the filing on Saturday left it a bit of a mess. You know, that messy that things get while you’re in the middle of making it neater? Anyway, I picked up everything from the floor, hung up my scuba gear, and organized all of my suitcases and bags.
  2. Hung things up. I hung up three items on the wall that I’ve been meaning to put up since I moved into this apartment. This didn’t take long but felt so good to finally get them hung up.
  3. Cleaned up my book shelves. While this may seem like a simple task, it was not. I had tons of crap piled on top of them. And they needed to be dusted. At the end of the day the shelves were cleaned up and dusted and the tops were organized very simply. One just has my stereo system on top now and the other has 3 pictures (two of which I framed yesterday) and two chemistry-relevant stuffed animals that I would hate if Jack got his way with them.
  4. Did my laundry. Not just the stuff that I like to wear, I did ALL of it. I’m one of those people whose laundry basket is always half full with items that I just don’t know what to do with. I DID SOMETHING with them! I washed them all, took those that needed to go to dry cleaning to dry cleaning. And now I have a completely empty basket. I even hung everything up. I didn’t get to cleaning my sheets. I’ll have to do that this week.
  5. Finished my crochet scarf. I finished the scarf I was working on yesterday. After felting it, it looks GORGEOUS! I decided right then and there that I should felt every scarf that I make because it makes them look fantastic.
  6. Worked on my step-dad’s quilt. This quilt will probably take another two weekends to finish, but I made significant progress on it. All I had done before was the top of the quilt. I laid it out and decided what to do with the back since one of the fabrics that I used isn’t made anymore. Once I figured that out I went to Joann’s and bought 2 yards of fabric to complete the back. I then spent the rest of the day cutting fabric, sewing, and pressing – while watching Sex and the City. I got the back about 80% done – which is fantastic considering it was 0% done when I started. It is looking really good and don’t worry, I’ll post pictures of it when I complete it. =)

I also realized when I was getting stuff together for the quilt that I had some Thankgiving and Christmas towels that I had bought years ago after the holidays on sale for making crocheted hanging towels with. My grandma had requested these a few years back. I bought enough of these towels some years ago to have enough to make 4 sets. So I’ll be sending these out to my grandma and three uncles for their holiday gifts. I did buy some yarn to make them (~$5) and I’ll need to get some buttons for them. Now I’ll only have to make 4 dozen cookies! Also, they were selling holiday tins at Joann’s for 50% off. But I’m debating getting holiday tins for $3 each or just mailing the cookies in tupperware with a bow on it so at least the container is reusable.

Overall, I’d say that my Anti-Procrastination Weekend was exceptionally successful!

I got so much done that I had been meaning to do. Also, if kept me from being “lonely” my first weekend without Mr. Cousin around. (Being busy is the key to not feeling lonely, for sure!) It also really helped de-stress me from a particularly painful Friday at work. It was such a bad day that I was up till 4am on Friday night STEAMING over the events. Keeping busy was the only thing I could do on Saturday to prevent me from calling up some of my labmates and just yelling at them. So I’m VERY glad to have had a plan for the weekend.

Strangely, my anti-procrastination made me want to spend money that I hadn’t want to spend before. For instance, I realized that I really want a small, plastic set of drawers for my closet to put my extra electronic stuff in to. Right now it is all in a cardboard box. Which functionally works, but astetically is not very pretty. I also spent money on dry cleaning and pant alterations – which I wouldn’t have paid for otherwise. In addition, I now really want to get my car detailed, which will cost me at least $100. I also ended up spending money on craft items I normally wouldn’t have bought, since I was procrastinating on doing them.

Actually, now that I think about it, perhaps it is the money issue that has kept me procrastinating on doing these things? I’ve wanted to save  money, so I’ve simply put off doing things that I know I will have to spent money on in order to complete? It is a theory, but I doubt that fully covers all of the things I’ve been procrastinating on!

At the end of the weekend, though I have accomplished a lot, I still have more things that I want to do:

  • Buy a vacuum – I just have two broken ones right now. However, Mr Cousin has loaned me his for the time being. (Don’t worry, how things went with the “exchange of stuff” will be a subject for a later post)
  • Clean off my patio – leaves have collected and I need to winterize my patio-garden
  • Clean my fan and cobwebs around the apartment
  • Finish the Harry Potter scarf I started two years ago
  • Finish my step-dad’s quilt
  • Start my sister’s pillow and pillows to match my step-dad’s quilt
  • Take my bike out for a ride before the weather gets too cold
  • Go for a hike in the nearby national forest with Jack (will probably do this Thanksgiving Day, it is sort of a tradition with Jack and I)
  • Reorganize my bills – either in 3-ring binders or digitally via FB’s paperless method

Perhaps the weekend after Thanksgiving will have to be another anti-procrastination weekend!

Anyway, I have appreciated all of your supportive comments. They really motivated me to keep on plugging away. I can definitely see an anti-procrastination weekend happening every month. It was invigorating and I felt very accomplished.


7 Responses to Anti-Procrastination Day 2

  1. You really have done so much. I have no excuse now. I need to get on my grind. Maybe later…Haha.

  2. Jessie says:

    It sounds like you got a crazy amount of things accomplished! Makes me think maybe I should have an anti-procrastination day.

    I think you’re right about the procrastination saving you some $$ – i’ll have to be mindful of that.

  3. Revanche says:

    Oh hey! I have two broken/crippled vacuums right now, too! I was just thinking that I want a new vacuum for Christmas. If anyone wanted to get me a present …. and a netbook …. [I’m such a classic If you give a mouse a cookie kid!]

  4. mo says:

    it is amazing what you can get done when you ATTACK it with GUSTO!!! am very impressed. its a total result to get things sorted that hang over you niggling away. bloody briliant.

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