Anti-Procrastination Day 1

Since it is after my “quitting time” rule of 10p (though I technically didn’t stop my anti-procrastinating activities until 11pm) I decided that I was fine to get back on the internet and give an update on how things are going.

Here is what I got accomplished today:

  1. Went running. Jack and I both had a nice run together – he’s starting to get better at running with me – but perhaps that is because I don’t go that far? I’m going to test him on a slightly longer run tomorrow morning and find out.
  2. Cleaned up the kitchen, emptied the dishwasher, filled it again, emptied it again (I had been procrastinating on both doing my dishes and cooking for the past 2 or so weeks, it was not a pretty site!)
  3. Cleaned out the trash in my car – even the trunk and the side pockets where papers build up! I need to get the interior detailed. I went to one car wash place to get a quote, but they didn’t do as extensive of a detailing as I want. Yes, I know that I can do this myself for cheaper, but quite honestly the state of my floors are disgusting. I would rather get it to a clean point and self-maintain afterwards. I’ll use my “fund money” to pay for this.
  4. Cleaned the shower, bathroom sink, and bathroom mirror. Both in dire need – for the shower this was the first time in 2009 I had thoroughly cleaned it… yes, I’m not the neatest of people – have we figured that out yet?
  5. Organized all of my mail from the past two years. I had two huge piles of mail in the bedroom and in the closet starting from the first month I moved to the midwest (January 2008) – I finally got it organized into file folders. Now I just need to get a shredder to destroy some of my previous bills. I’ve decided that the best way for me to organize my bills may not be file folders, but instead 3-ring binders with tab separators. I’ll give this some more thought before the next wave of bills comes. Also, going through this reaffirmed that I need a landing strip for mail that need attention within the next 30 days.
  6. Dropped a pair of pants I bought in August 2008 off at a tailor’s to get hemmed. I’ve only worn them once with ridiculous heels (and still they were too long). The pants are super cute and make my butt look really great – but I never got around to getting them altered – until today! They’ll be ready to pick up next week.
  7. Dropped off my clothes from September’s closet purge to Goodwill. (Note, in the first picture in that post of my full closet you can just make out the huge pile of papers that I had to file underneath my shirts – and that was HALF of the pile – with the other half stacked up on my bookshelf in my bedroom) Also managed to pick up an Express jacket and an Ann Taylor jacket that are both super cute and were EXACTLY what I was planning on buying for myself next weekend during the sales for $11. I feel so thrifty I’m thinking I may never shop in a real store again after seeing all the great stuff at the Goodwill. There were also some Ann Taylor pants that I really liked in my size – but I don’t need any more dress up pants right now – so I forgo the extra $3.99 expense.
  8. Dropped off my recycling. No real explanation needed here right?
  9. Cleaned up my scuba gear. I was REALLY nervous about this. My gear had been in my trunk since June 2008. I had fear that there would be mold or something else like that. To my pleasant surprise, while there was mold in my trunk because of a leaking seal on the trunk door (another reason I want professional detailing) – none of my gear had mold on it – only one of the two zippers to my dive bag wouldn’t open, which isn’t a huge deal. The gear did stink though. I soaked it all in water and listerine (alcohol kills any bacteria and makes it smell minty fresh!) for about two hours and it has been hanging up to dry ever since. It should be done by tomorrow morning and I’ll put the gear in its proper location then. I’m hoping to be able to use the gear in January when I’m back in Southern California. I’ll be in Ventura 7 days at a conference, so I’m hoping that one of the afternoons I’ll be able to make it out to the Channel Islands for some diving.
  10. Worked on a crocheted scarf. I had started this last November when I was dating Cpt. Baseball. I hadn’t touched it since about March. I’m about 10 rows from being finished. It is a wool scarf, so I’m planning on felting it. I’m debating giving this away as a Christmas present. Don’t tell Okturn Delmoniq, but I’m thinking about sending it to him. πŸ˜‰
  11. Cleaned up the cat litter box. Also bought my kitties new food and some new litter liners. However, I forgot to buy new litter and used the last of it today, so I’ll have to pick some up within the week.

Whew… it was a busy day! In addition to all that above I also went to work for about 20 minutes. However, it made me so livid that I almost had a nervous breakdown right then and there. That is a subject for another post though.

Tomorrow I plan on finishing up some of the cleaning and organizational stuff in my apartment in the morning and then working on my craft projects that I’ve been putting off in the afternoon. Hopefully that will make it be a less hectic and more relaxing Sunday. Also, Mr. Cousin is coming over tomorrow for the end-of-relationship stuff exchange. That should be… interesting…

10 thoughts on “Anti-Procrastination Day 1

  1. Wow, you sure got a lot done!!!

    My sister uses the 3 ring binder method for her bills and receipts (important purchases). She get 1 per year, and it is so very well organized. You’re right that it’s probably easier (better?) than simple files.

    Good luck with the exchange today!

    1. Haha… I’m not sure if it is running… OR the fact that I had dedicated the day to “doing stuff” – whenever I had the urge to sit down I just reminded myself of the fact that today was an anti-procrastination day so I didn’t have the option of “just sitting”.

      Also, my iTunes was a great and fun supporter. πŸ˜‰

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