Weekend Gear-Up Edition

This weekend will be my Anti-procrastination weekend. I’m kind of excited about it (and a little afraid, to be honest!).

As a reminder here are my rules:

  • I have to wake up before 10am
  • I am only allowed to work ONLY on the items that I’ve been procrastinating on
  • I can take a 1hr break for lunch and dinner and to take the dog to the dog park for his exercise
  • I can go to bed when all items are completed or at 10pm, whichever comes first

I do have to go to work tomorrow for about an hour, so I’ll do that. I will tutor my clients if they ask for tutoring, but I doubt they’ll want to before the Thanksgiving break. So those are my EXCEPTIONS to my rules.

Here are approved things for me to do this weekend that I have been procrastinating on:

  • Clean the bathroom
  • Clean my car
  • Write a few of my old friends from home via snail mail
  • Call my dad and grandma
  • Finish my step-dad’s Christmas present (quilt)
  • Start my sister’s Christmas present (pillows)
  • Go to a sampler spinning class at the college
  • Clean my scuba gear
  • Get my pants from The Limited that I bought last year hemmed
  • Drop off clothes at thrift shop
  • Drop off items for dry cleaning
  • Finish backing up my DVDs as well as do a general computer back-up

Since I’m prone to slacking when I have internet available I’m turning off my router for the weekend. So if you see me posting, you should be telling me to knock it off and get back to work!

In other monetary news, I again made my goal of $600 in extra income for the month. In fact, I’m current at $732 for the month with 10 days to go (last month I ended up with $711 at the end of the month – I’m thinking I should raise my monthly goal!). This money includes money made teaching on the side at the community college in town, tutoring online, tutoring in real life, filling out surveys, and any extra ways I can make money. I don’t count money that I’ve made unless it is in my hands. Thus the “check being in the mail” doesn’t count until it is deposited in my bank account.


6 Responses to Weekend Gear-Up Edition

  1. Later on in life I would like to teach some business courses at a community college for the experience (although I don’t want to go into academia). I would love it if you talked more about your teaching at a CC and how you got into it, the pay, etc. 🙂

    • SS4BC says:

      Sure Wellheeled!

      I’ve made lots of references to how I got this particular job, but I’ve taught at 4 different community colleges now, so I have a far idea of how to get the positions and what they generally pay. I’ll put that in my queue for a blog post for next week. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. eemusings says:

    Wow, it sounds like you have a pretty good second stream of income going there!

    • SS4BC says:

      It has taken a build up of about a year, but finally I have enough coming in that I can put nearly 1/2 of my salary income onto my credit card. Only $190 of my regular day-to-day job now pays for day-to-day expenses. The rest goes to bills, savings and debt. It is a pretty sweet situation!

  3. Wow – I don’t think I could make a whole weekend without internet. Good luck to you and looking forward to hearing about all that you accomplished on Monday!

  4. Jessie says:

    Good luck getting it all done!!

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