$2,000? You’re kidding me!

Man, it feels good! It is the 18th of the month, and I am feeling pretty good about life.

I have $391 left in my “spending account” – My ING account that all of my day-to-day purchases go through.
I have $1,126.50 in my Emergency Fund.
I have $80 in my Yearly Savings fund – my savings account for expenses that happen once a year, so I can save up a little each month for them.
I have $154.22 in my “Fun Fund” – this account is for gifts or entertainment or clothes. I fund it with the tutoring I do on the side.
And $245.79 in my Bill Paying account – AFTER paying all my bills but my $60 cell.

So all told in the bank I have an incredible $1,997.51 in all my accounts!

Let me just tell you something – a year ago I never would have thought this possible. Sure, $2k doesn’t sound that exciting. But I’ve had months where by the 15th of the month I have $14 total (savings and all!) to my name (this number was originally $25, but after MPPs post, I felt bad and had to change it). So having close to $2,000 available. That is something.

All of this AFTER I just made an EXTRA $75 payment to my credit card two days ago.

I’m just overjoyed. Every day I feel like I’m getting closer and closer to being financially free – and I’m excited beyond all belief about it!

(Also, this is my 300th blog post! Wow how time flies!)

16 Responses to $2,000? You’re kidding me!

  1. MPP says:

    Haha please do not feel bad! That is awesome! 🙂 Including savings, I have about $4000 in cash, just $25 for the rest of the month…. Stupid shopping spree! 😉 Not too worried though since I have about $300 coming my way soon. But you are doing SO WELL and it’s really inspiring me to get a little more intense with my finances!!

    • SS4BC says:

      Oh I know you had more money than that, I just felt a little funny about having said the EXACT number that you had remaining for the month.

      And true… last year for me it would have been $25 – TOTAL. Not just to spend for the month. =)

  2. canadiandebtgirl says:

    You are so close to fully funding your emergency fund! Awesome!

  3. Ten Bucks says:

    Woohoo! Right now, my available cash is around $400, and I’m pretty excited about that. I’m working my way up to where you are, slowly but surely.

  4. Yay! See it really is all about the small steps 🙂 You’re getting there… slow and steady.

  5. Sue says:

    Wow – go you good thing. I’m finding your progress really inspiring. Do you find blogging about it really helps you remain focussed? Ta

    • SS4BC says:

      Sue, ABSOLUTELY! Without blogging there is no way that I would have come this far. Writing my goals out helps keep me focused, fellow bloggers help keep me accountable and inspired. I probably would have thrown my hands up in the air a long time ago if it wasn’t for this blog.

  6. mo says:

    awsome. so good to count it all up sometimes isn;t it! and to know where you are and how well you are doing. seriously. awsome. well done.

  7. Airam says:

    That’s because you’re AWESOME!!

  8. Jessie says:

    Congrats!! That’s awesome.

    Plus, yay 300 posts!!!

  9. Good for you! You go WOMAN!

    Haha, I’m still laughing about your comment on Carrie’s blog(I think?) where you said you wanted to die with a beaker in your hand.

  10. Debt Ninja says:

    Way to go girl! You’re killin’ it. Pretty soon that $2,000 will be $20,000

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