Can I Afford It?

Okay, call me a late bloomer or whatever, but I haven’t watched a lot of Suze Orman’s show. I saw her on a rerun of Oprah from January when I was in the Netherlands in July. Yup, that was the first time I saw her and the only time I’ve watched her. When I came back I started to see her name around so I got an idea of what she was generally saying, but I never took the time to watch any of the clips from her show — UNTIL TODAY!!!

I may-or-may-not (Read: DID) watch about 3 hours of Suze Orman segments. Oh, but not EVERYTHING. I was getting a KICK out of her segment: “Can I Afford It?”

Essentially, people call up and ask her about things they want to buy – from pet monkeys to vacations to cloning their dog to guitar lessons for their kid.

And they give her their money situation: How much they make a month, how much their rent/mortgage is, how much debt they have (no one really gets approved if they have debt), how much they have saved in an emergency fund and how much retirement savings they have.

After watching about 40 of these, the formula became pretty clear:
* Do you have debt? Yes? DENIED.
* Do you have an 8 month emergency fund? No? DENIED.
* Are you older than 40 and have too little retirement? DENIED.

One of the things that I found hilarious was the various things people wanted to do with their money. Some of them things I would consider absolutely ridiculous. And if they qualified to spend that amount, she would approve it – no matter how ridiculous the purchase was.

I wonder if the things that I want to do would be considered ridiculous to other people. I have the normal things that I want to do: Save to vacations to places around the world, save for a house, save for retirement and a car.

I also have some pretty ridiculous things like go on a 365 day around the world cruise. We’re talking a hundred thousand dollar cruise here. I know I wouldn’t be able to do it until I retired, but I would LOVE to spend a year travelling the world, never lifting a finger and getting to see the best there was. I would also love to use that as a STARTING point for other places to go. For instance, going on that year long cruise and discovering countries I want to return to. Much like my cruise around the Baltics made me want to return to St. Petersburg a second time.

Do you have any ridiculous goals? Maybe not ridiculously expensive, but ones that would make most people scratch their head?

Oh and here are a few links to some of the “Can I Afford It” segments that I watched today if you’d like to view:

$900 Maltese Puppy

$5,000 New Wardrobe

$2,000 Parade Clown Plane

$165 Belly Dancing Dress

$450 Firetruck Bed

$8,000 Sewing Machine




2 Responses to Can I Afford It?

  1. It’s not a so much of a goal, but it would be nice if it happened before I died:

    I would like to buy a Maserati. We’re talking about a $140,000 car. But they are gorgeous and I feel like I would look pretty good in it.

    I don’t think I could ever drop that much money on a car, but if I ever got to a point where I could seriously go to the dealer and actually afford it, I think I would be very satisfied.

  2. punchdebt says:

    I had no idea there was a such thing as year long cruises! That’s insane. Im gonna have to look in to making one of those in my dream categories. As far as ridiculous purchases for me I really have none right now. I’m just focusing on getting rid of my debt, saving up for a house, and saving for retirement. Now that I think about it, that’s kind of boring. I need to come up with some CRAZY AWESOME goals! Thanks for the motivation.

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