Christmas – Everyone’s Doing It!

This year for some reason I haven’t been as excited about Christmas as I usually am. Perhaps it is because I know it is going to cost me money and I’m trying to avoid that? Who knows… But I’ve decided to put up my Christmas list ideas.

My plan is to ask my dad if we can have a $15-20 limit for presents this year so that I don’t have to go overboard with gifts.

Here is who I have to shop for:

  • Dad – I have some souvenir shot glasses that he asked for from Europe that I’ll give him. Also, I bought him a book with my Swagbucks that he’ll like. If he goes for my $15 limit, I shouldn’t need to get him anything else.
  • Sister – I have a souvenir hat for her from Europe. I have bought her birthday present (from eBay), but am still debating what to get her for Christmas. I want to make her some pillows, but doubt that I’ll be able to make them in time. If I can’t I’ll use my Swagbucks to get her a necklace from Amazon.
  • Grandma – I bought her a beautiful pea coat at the end of last season. I can’t wait to give it to her. It retailed at $160 and I bought it for $6 (oh yes, I also got myself one, I LOVE it). I also plan on making her some coasters with pictures of our vacation to Europe on them.
  • Step-dad – I want to finish the quilt I’ve been working on for the last 3 years. It is a king-size Harley Davidson quilt. I also have a shirt from the Indy 500 race, as well as some souvenirs that I got for free (a flip book and stuff). I will also give him a note that welcomes him to come join me next year and offering to pay for tickets to the race if he’d like to join (I should be able to get free tickets again, like I did this year). If I can’t get the quilt finished I’m not sure what I’ll get him in addition, but something nice.

Others. These are people who I want to give a little something, but try to spend as little money as possible. Just a little something to let them know I am thinking about them.

  • Best friend from high school and her family
  • My three uncles and their families
  • My step-grandpa
  • Step-sister
  • Step-brother and his wife

My current plan is to buy some cheap tins from Michael’s (I couldn’t find any on Amazon) and make some cookies to send to these people. I’ll give each about a dozen cookies – so I’ll need to make 7 dozen in total.

If I’m still dating Mr Cousin, I plan on getting him a nice wine bottle opener (he doesn’t even know how to work his) and give his sister some cookies. I’ll be able to get the wine opener using Swagbucks.

So it looks like I’ll need to buy some ingredients for cookies and some of the craft supplies for my step-dad’s quilt. I have $220 available in my budget for Christmas, I think with shipping costs and present costs that I should still come in far below this.


12 Responses to Christmas – Everyone’s Doing It!

  1. holy crow! I’ve never been on slick deals so I checked it out. There’s a coupon right now for 30% off at Gap/BR/Old Navy! And it’s valid in Canada! woohoo!

  2. Jessie says:

    Great list! I might have to try the Harley Qulit next year for my dad. He bought his first Harley (and probably his last) during the summer.

  3. Great list. I also think the gift limit is a good idea!!

  4. Money Funk says:

    Much farther than me… you have a list. I started getting all the shopping ads and suddenly panic at the thought of how close Christmas is on the calendar! List! I need to make my list.

    But one thing I want to stick my guns to doing: No CCs and not accruing anymore debt. It’s gonna be a debt free Christmas.

    Love the Harley quilt. Sounds tres cool. Have fun shopping. This article may help you: Fabulously Broke’s Major Holiday Busters.

    • SS4BC says:

      Oh absolutely! Christmas is one of the things that KILLED my budget last year ( I ended up spending my newly acquired emergency fund to pay for Christmas) – so no debt and no CCs are a MUST.

      I was hoping to pay for the entire Christmas in Swagbucks, but it looks like I’ll only be able to pay for the none baked items. Still, that is much better than nothing!

  5. mo says:

    great list of presents. Cookies are a brilliant idea – shows you care alot, but its something that you can consume and not have hanging around being stuff you have to get rid of.

    • SS4BC says:

      I’m also trying to look into giving them the cookies in a non-holiday themed container so that they can reuse the container. There is nothing worse than a “thing” in your house that you can only use once a year. Maybe some “nicer” tupperware containers with cookies wrapped in red cellophane and a bow around it. That way the container is also part of the gift.

  6. mo says:

    and you have just given me a great idea. am going to make a hamper for my MIL and partner. We normally get them one. But this one we can make up ourselves. ….. cool. And we can get it couriered to them.

  7. Revanche says:

    Your $6 peacoat deal makes me swoon. Esp. after spending so much time in NY and researching $300 J.Crew coats for FB. 🙂

    Obviously now’s not the time for that kind of deal but it’s a good reminder to browse slickdeals again for any gifts because I am SO behind on that. I haven’t got a thing on hand for birthday and Xmas gifts this year. Yipes!

    @Jenn – thanks for the reminder about the Gap coupon!!

  8. Frugal Trenches says:

    That sounds like a great plan!

  9. Rubee says:

    I really need to plan my Xmas pressies too! Love the cookie idea, especially buying some nice tins to send them in that’s a great idea and really personal.

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