Anti-Procrastination Weekend

This morning as I lay in bed I decided that I really need to have a weekend where I do all of the things I’ve been procrastinating on during the month. I won’t work that weekend, I won’t tutor, I won’t do anything except for the things that I’ve been putting off doing.

For me some of these things include:

  • Clean the bathroom
  • Clean my car
  • Write a few of my old friends from home via snail mail
  • Call my dad and grandma
  • Finish my step-dad’s Christmas present (quilt)
  • Start my sister’s Christmas present (pillows)
  • Go to a sampler spinning class at the college
  • Clean my scuba gear
  • Get my pants from The Limited that I bought last year hemmed
  • Drop off clothes at thrift shop

These are all things I want to get done, but for whatever reason I always procrastinate on doing. I’d much rather work, tutor, sit and watch TV, write in my blog, figure out a budget for 7 years from now, play with my dog, go to sleep, read a book, ect. than do all any of these things.

And I got to thinking this morning that I could probably make significant progress on all of them if I just took a big chunk of time and just DID them. Just focused on getting this stuff done and getting it “out of the way”.

Now, it will take WAY more time than one weekend to finish all of these tasks. For instance, the quilt will probably take two full weekends itself to finish (I have the top made, but not the back – and I still have to put it all together, it is for a king size bed and I’ve been “working” on it for about 3 years now).

However, I think if I donate a weekend every month to doing the things that I don’t really WANT to do but SHOULD do, then I’ll be able to get them done within a few months.

So, because Mr. Cousin and I are going to Columbus this coming weekend, I’ve declared the weekend of November 21st-22nd to be ANTI-PROCRASTINATION WEEKEND!  (Yes, I DID just procrastinate on when to have an anti-procrastination weekend, I am THAT good at procrastinating!)

The rules are as follow:

  • I have to wake up before 10am
  • I am only allowed to work ONLY on the items that I’ve been procrastinating on
  • I can take a 1hr break for lunch and dinner and to take the dog to the dog park for his exercise
  • I can go to bed when all items are completed or at 10pm, whichever comes first

I can’t wait to get these things done! It will be such a relief to have them off my chest.


10 Responses to Anti-Procrastination Weekend

  1. Haha, I love that you are procrastinating on the Anti-Procrastinate Weekend.

    Just in case you want to get started earlier, focus on the little things during your free time. When you’re watching tv, pick a couple of shows! Mute during commercials and write those letters. Or just set aside some time and just write them. When you’re heading somewhere, you’re already out, so just make the thrift shop a stop!

    The other things seem like serious manual labor and I know how much mental power goes into getting your body to DO something. Those are things that would be great for the anti-procrastination weekend.

    • SS4BC says:

      Part of why I haven’t stopped by the thrift store and dropped the stuff off is that I don’t know where one is in my town! So that will require a little research first.

      As for the TV – I don’t have cable, so I don’t have commercials. But still, I need to spend time writing those letters, and you’re right I can do it during a break in my evening.

  2. Ann says:

    I love that you are writing snail mail letters to your friends. I haven’t done that in so long and I really should.

    I laughed at your comment about procastinating on your anti-procrastination weekend! Too funny! But hey, you have scheduled now so watch out list!

  3. mo says:

    What a brilliant Idea. Despite the fact that you have put it off (so to speak) you have also committed to do those things. I think those things that hang over us just weigh us down and its like carrying around mental clutter. it is so good to tackle them head on. Best of luck. I quite fancy putting an anti procrastination weekend together too.

  4. Revanche says:

    I like scheduling the one weekend “off” a month to do my own thing. When I was working way too much, it was nearly impossible to get things done in a timely manner without committing that block of time in advance.

    • SS4BC says:

      That’s exactly how I feel now! I’m working a whole lot, so I feel like all the normal stuff is getting pushed to the back burner and the only way I can keep up is just GIVE myself a full weekend to do nothing but play “catch up” on all the things I’ve been putting aside.

  5. TeacHer says:

    Haha, sometimes I even take a day off work to get all this kind of stuff done when it’s been piling up. BTW, I love that you have scuba gear! I was just talking to T yesterday about how I have absolutely no interest in skiing (his thing), but I would really like to do some kind of water activity, like scuba or surfing.

    On my to-do list:
    – Send an uncomfortable email
    – Plan my next unit for my AP class
    – Clean my coffee maker

    • SS4BC says:

      Yup! One of the things that I purchased with that $16,000 worth of credit card debt was that I became a Dive Master and own all my own equipment.

      I hate those uncomfortable emails. THE WORST. Good luck!

  6. Rubee says:

    Haha, an anti-procastination weekend is a great idea! You’ve inspired me to try something similar! There’s a ton of tasks building up which I just never manage to get to so it is time to start prioritising those for a change!

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