Personal Finance at Wendy’s


No, this post is NOT sponsored by Wendy's 😉

I stopped by Wendy’s last night on my way home from teaching. I get done at 10pm, so by the time I leave I’m famished and don’t want to cook. So I usually will get some sort of fast food on Thursday night. Last night it was Wendy’s. Junior cheeseburger, value fries, kid’s frosty – and I’m full for $2.69.


I always go inside to place my order, even for carry-out.

Mostly because I’m completely embarrassed about my car and the bags of clothes in the backseat that need to get donated – among other disgusting science experiments growing in there. (Seriously, my car is nasty, and I hate it – but I’m so busy with other things I just deal with it. But it is SO gross.)

So I’m inside and I place my order. And the guy behind the counter says “Hey! Let me ask you a question!”

Me: “Ok”

Mr. Wendy’s: “So we have three paychecks until Christmas”

Me: “…. ok?” (I have no idea where this is going..)

Mr. Wendy’s: “Sorry, I know I shouldn’t talk about this. But I figure it is better to ask a stranger than someone who works here.”

Me: “Ok”

Mr. Wendy’s: “I have the option tonight of closing down the dining room and then leaving. So I’d get home at 11pm. Or I can close down the dining room and then work the drive through until 2am. Since we have only three paychecks until Christmas, what would you do?”

Me: *smile* “I would work. But then you’re asking the person who is currently working 4 jobs right now to get extra money. If you need the money, or want the money, I would stay.”

And then began a discussion about work and spending money and saving money.

I’m not sure if I look like someone who knows about money (I was in my teacher clothes 😉 ). Or perhaps it is just on everyone’s mind. But it was somehow reassuring to talk about money with a complete stranger and be able to give them my opinions of working, saving money, and how I think it is easier to get money by working more than spending less. I thought a little about My Pretty Pennies post the other day about talking about money. And I think it is strange that this person felt so completely comfortable talking about money to a complete stranger (much like we do on these blogs) but probably wouldn’t have wanted to ask his mother what she thought.


5 Responses to Personal Finance at Wendy’s

  1. Yummy, Wendy’s.

    But on to the point of the article, I totally feel the same way. Somehow I wouldn’t want any member of my family or friends to tell me about finances, but its ok for a perfect stranger to offer me advice on this. I think it has to do with the fact that they don’t know anything else about you, so they won’t have any preconceived notions of how to phrase their answer. It may also have to do with the fact that with family and friends, you know them so well that their answers will be predictable. With a stranger, you’re not too sure what will pop-up, and it does take you by surprise.

  2. MPP says:

    Thanks for the link love. 🙂 And I agree–there’s something about anonymity that allows for some freedom. You have nothing to lose by disclosing anything because there was not existing friendship to ruin!

    Thanks also for the Wendy’s temptation. I’ll be on the road tonight and just may have to get a little something there myself. 😉 Mmm!

  3. Jessie says:

    what an interesting conversation that would have been! I agree – it’s facinating that people seem to be more comfortable with strangers then with friends or family when it comes to money.

    now i want wendys


  4. eemusings says:

    Hmm. I would probably have been too taken aback by his frankness to give any kind of helpful response. I can’t imagine myself ever asking a stranger something like that, either.And yet it’s true, sometimes it’s easier to talk to random people about finances than those closer to you.

  5. That is great! More people need to talk about money!

    I worked at Wendy’s for 3 years during high school, and I still eat there! That says enough 😉

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