Cable and Internet

As you may have noticed from my goals post, I cancelled my cable TV. However, as you’ll recall, Comcast was going to charge me $55/month to have JUST internet. Considering I am paying $75/month for cable and internet (plus taxes and fees) – I thought their rates were outright extortion – and told them so.

After going a month without watching cable in my home (to make sure that I wouldn’t miss it – I didn’t), on Friday I turned in my cable box and had Comcast cancel both my cable TV and internet. So as of Friday morning I’ve been without internet. It only took about one day to realize that I NEED internet. Not in an addictive sort of way (though that is part of it), but for work and making money I need internet.

I can’t do my work with without internet at home. And I can’t respond to my bosses late night requests and notices of early morning meetings that he likes to send out at least weekly around 11pm. I also can’t chat with my friends back in San Diego and Connecticut without internet access. The internet is not longer just a thing of convenience in my life, it is part of how I live each day.

So Saturday morning (not but 24 hours after I cancelled my internet with Comcast) I placed an order with AT&T U-verse for internet. I decided to get their $35/month package – since I’ve budgeted $40/month for internet. With taxes I should come at right about that. My speed will be less than what I had with Comcast (12 Mbps vs my new speed of 6 Mbps). I’m sure I’ll notice a difference in speed, especially watching shows online. But considering the price is also $20/month less – hopefully that is a sacrifice I’m willing to make. This is the same speed that Mr. Cousin has at his apartment, and I haven’t noticed it to be incredibly slow when I’m there – but then, I didn’t try to watch TV shows either.

As you remember, since I’m only ordering one service with AT&T, I’ll have to pay a $145 installation fee. I’ve decided that I’m going to use the money that I’ll get from substitute teaching last week in order to pay for the installation fee. That was money without a home, but I think that getting internet will be a great use of the money. =)

So there you have it, that is what I’ve decided to do with my internet and cable – and the net result is that I should save around $40/month (my last bill from Comcast was for $80). The internet installation will be next Tuesday morning. I’m sure by then I’ll be going through serious internet withdrawal. 😉


One Response to Cable and Internet

  1. Congrats on getting rid of your cable bill! It’s like declutter for your brain – now you can’t just flop down on the couch and look at mindless junk, you have to search for it specifically on the internet.

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