October Goals – A Review

Here is how I did on my goals for October:

  • Get reimbursed for trip to ChicagoCHECK! Submitted my papers quickly, got the money, and it has already been put back into my E-fund or on my credit card as appropriate.
  • Write another research aim for my future careerFail. I didn’t work any further on my research aims. Though I suppose I still have today to get that done. I have THOUGHT a lot about it – and verbalized it to one of my friends who thought my idea was great – but I haven’t written it down.
  • Start doing some exercise I enjoy – I went running 6 times this month – which is better than the previous 4 months combined. However, I still wouldn’t call this a “plan” – so I’m calling this goal a “Fail
  • Cancel my cable already!CHECK! I dropped off my cable box on Friday morning. I am now without internet and cable at home. I decided that my extra money from substitute teaching last Monday will go towards the installation fee to get AT&T U-verse internet.
  • Earn $600 of income outside of my “normal” jobWAY CHECK! I got $711 total of extra income this month outside of my “normal” job.
  • Stay current on Adjunct gradingCHECK! I even gave the students a sheet that had their overall grade in the class before their exam last week so they could see how they were doing.
  • Keep up Apartment TherapyFAIL! I had to return the book to the library so I’m waiting to get it back before I continue with this. I feel bad because my apartment is falling into disarray – so next month I may make a goal just to keep my apartment CLEAN!

2 Responses to October Goals – A Review

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