They Call Me a “Snowball Machine”

My original goal was to be able to put $1,000 on my credit card each month. Because of my extra income from my travel this month and a good month of tutoring, I’ve been able to put…

$1,487 towards my debt this month!

That’s right, as Debt Ninja would say – I’m punching debt in the face! =)

Once all my transactions clear for the month, I’ll also put the “left over” money for the month onto my credit card. I do this at the end of every month – but it doesn’t usually amount to much more than $15-20. However, every little bit helps.

I can’t believe that this month I’ve put away $1,370 towards my credit card and $117 towards my student loan – for a total of  $1,487 I’ve put towards debt this month – OR – 50% of my take home salary from my steady jobs!

9 Responses to They Call Me a “Snowball Machine”

  1. You’re doing great!

    At that rate, you’ll be debt free in less than two years (I know, easier said than done)

  2. MPP says:

    Dang girl! You are doing AWESOME!!! 🙂

  3. Jessie says:

    That’s amazing – you are doing sooo well!!!

  4. InDebt says:

    You Go Girl!!! That’s awesome!

  5. mo says:

    way to go. extremely impressive stuff.

  6. Margaret Ann says:

    This is amazing! The type of inspiration I need to keep going after a bad month!

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  8. Ninja says:

    Heck yea, maybe I should give you the rights to my blog with the way you are killing that debt!!! good work 🙂

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