Last Minute Teaching Request

When I woke up I knew today would be busy – but I didn’t think it would be THIS hectic.

First, I’m tutoring one of my students who has an exam tomorrow from 11am – 1pm today (She also owes me $40, so I’ll be walking away with a SLICK $80 – if she remembers to bring her money!).

I was also supposed to be tutoring this girl that I don’t particularly like (she made me me wait for 45 minutes the first time we met, and then wasn’t very apologetic about it) this evening from 6:30-8:30pm.

Then this morning I got a call from my chair of the Chemistry department at the community college that I teach at. He wanted to know if I could fill in for him this evening for his lecture that is from 6pm to 9pm because he is sick.

While I KNEW that I had to tutor girl above, I also really want to make sure that I get a class next semester. So I agreed to filling in. (This is actually how I got the class I’m teaching at now, I had to fill in for him in June and he agreed to give me a class – I’m assuming this means he’ll also give me a class next semester if I fill in for him now.)

The upside is that I also get PAID for substitute lecturing. So I’ll get an extra $100 (approx) for filling in for him tonight (as opposed to the $40 I would get for tutoring girl I don’t like).

I did tell girl I don’t like that I would meet up with her after the class for a few hours if she’d like and also during the day tomorrow. I ALSO gave her the number of my labmate who is feeling very broke right now (he said last week he only had $60 for the rest of the month) – so he may offer to tutor her tonight.

So all in all – I’ll walk away with at least an extra $180 for my extra work today – but it will be a long day FOR SURE!

Now… on to my “main job” and in my breaks trying to get my lecture notes prepared for 6pm!

One Response to Last Minute Teaching Request

  1. Jessie says:

    phew! that does sound hectic.

    Even though girl you don’t like was a commitment you made before the substitute job – I’m with you. I would have done the same thing in your place – if subbing means you are more likely to get a good paying, stable job going forward – that’s the path you’ve got to take.

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