The Numbers Are In!

I got a notice today that my reimbursement for my trip to Chicago was going through with the final numbers that I’ll be reimbursed. Recall that I calculated that I would get reimbursed $929. My total expenses for the trip were $768.

WELL… I’m actually getting back:  $1017.75

A near full $100 OVER what I thought I would receive. Lucky me!

I’m getting 267.30 for my car related expenses (I hypothesized it would be $269 – so I was pretty close there!)

I’m getting back exactly what I paid for my hotel ($460.70).

And for my per diem expenses I’m getting $289.75 (a full $90 over my predicted reimbursement of $200).

So I’ve decided that I’m going to do the following with the reimbursement money:

1) Refund my emergency fund, since I paid for the trip with the E-fund

2) Get the oil changed on the car – since it is time (hopefully there will be no other mechanical issues to fix, though you never know)

3) Put the rest on my credit card

2 Responses to The Numbers Are In!

  1. Jessie says:

    That’s great news that you got a bit of a bonus! Congrats! Sounds like you’re going to do the smart thing with that extra $$ too!

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