80% Through 2009

Did you know that today, October 19th, is the 292nd day of the year? Which means that we’re 80% of the way through 2009 (292/365*100 = 80). Hard to believe it is almost over, right?

Theoretically if it is 80% of the way through the year I should also be 80% of the way to my 2009 goals.

Just to review my goals:

1) Reduce debt from $16,000 to $12,000. – This isn’t going that well. I’m currently 39% of the way to this goal. With only two paychecks left in 2009 (November and December) – I’ll likely get my debt down to $13,000. Less than this will have to be a goal for 2010. Since I arbitrarily set my goal to be $12,000, I don’t feel THAT bad about missing the mark. For 2010 I’ll set myself a goal that isn’t just pulled out of thin air but based on what I can achieve with hard work and effort – but this would obviously be dependent on whether I return to my part time job in January or not.

2) Grow emergency fund to $1,200. – While my side bars show that I’m only 42% of my way to this goal, this is a little misleading because I paid out around $500 from my emergency fund to pay for my recent work trip and will be getting reimbursed for this within the month. So really I have $1,000 in my emergency fund once my reimbursement goes through. With two more paychecks left (at $100/paycheck) – getting to $1,200 in my emergency fund shouldn’t be a problem.

3) Eliminate all other personal debt. – This goal was accomplished in August – and I have not acquired (nor do I plan on acquiring) any other consumer debt. Goal accomplished!


2 Responses to 802 Through 2009

  1. You go girl! Keep chipping away at those goals.

  2. Laura@mtp says:

    You’re doing really well; keep going and you will get there! Not getting any further consumer debt is a HUGE thing and lays the foundation for a debt free life which we all want 🙂

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