UTI – Part 3?

So it has been a month since the second time that I visited the doctor about my UTI.

It isn’t painful anymore like it used to be (after the second course of antibiotics) – and I’m for the most part good.

However – I’m still not feeling “back to normal” – so I’m considering going back to the doctor, but this time not to Urgent Care – but to a gyno. There is some lingering pain “down there” – not OMG I WANT TO DIE pain – but pain. Not pain like I had before – but still not normal.

After some very dangerous snooping around the internet I have a strange feeling that I have Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (oh the dangers of WebMD). However, the common course of treatment is antibiotics – which I’ve already been on. Now, this is me self-diagnosing – and it could be that everything is just fine – but I just have this feeling that something is wrong. So I’m going to get myself an appointment with one of the OB/GYNs in town to see if they can find something out…


6 Responses to UTI – Part 3?

  1. TeacHer says:

    Haha, WebMD is dangerous! Pelvic inflammatory disease would be a nasty thing to have because I think it keeps coming back throughout your life…were you having any kind of pain before the UTI came on? Maybe you just need one more hit of an extra strong antibiotic to really kill this sucker. Hope everything ends up ok!

  2. Please visit an OB-GYN. Your medical saga is beginning to give me nightmares:)

    Seriously, though, if there’s an infection, it is apparently resistant to the antibiotics already tried. So you may need the really big gun antibiotics, which, I my experience, are much easier to get from a doctor that thinks of him or herself as your doctor than from a clinic. If there isn’t an infection, then an OB-GYN is your best bet for figuring out what is going on or referring you to the specialist that might.

    Unfortunately, this sounds like it may be a costly problem to solve, but it’s like a down payment on your long-term urinary and reproductive health, so this is not really an area in which you want cheap out.

  3. Jessie says:

    oh wow – defn. get back to your OB – GYN…. I hope everything’s okay.

  4. Oh definitely check with a doc…. it sounds painful and uncomfortable, so I hope you can get a diagnosis soon and some relief!

  5. Carrie says:

    Oh no!! I am so sorry. I think every girl goes through this sort of battle at one time or another. (Not to make your’s less serious) I hope it’s not PID. 😦 If nothing pans out a the doctor, shoot me an e-mail, I went through something similar a few years back and might have some tips for ya…maybe. Good luck!!

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