Prevention of Firing

I’m essentially working 4 jobs right now.

Job 1: My main “9-5” job. I put that in quotations because I don’t think I’ve EVER worked the exact hours of 9 to 5. Some mornings I’m in at 8am, some at 10am – and I rarely leave before 6pm (except on Thursdays) – and typically I come back after I let my dog out for a few more hours once or twice a week. Also, I come in on the weekends probably for around 2-8 hours, every other weekend.

Job 2: This is my “steady” teaching job. Once a week I teach a Physical Science class at the community college. It typically involves 4 hours in the classroom and about 4-6 hours of prep work outside of the classroom. There is no promise that I’ll have this job next semester or next year, but I hope that I will. I would prefer to teach a Chemistry class, but given the choice between teaching nothing and teaching Physical Science – I’ll take Physical Science.

Job 3: Independent tutor. Currently I have 2 girls that I meet with on a weekly basis for an hour to an hour and a half of tutoring. I set my own rate and my own schedule (typically Sunday and Tuesday evenings). I also have 1-2 other girls that meet with me before exams for exam prep and review. Last month I made over $200 by doing this, this month will probably be around $100, because of the week I missed and losing one of my clients.

Job 4: Online tutor at I’ve worked at for a year now and really, I don’t need the money from it anymore. I turn down around 3 students a week for private face-to-face tutoring that is tax free and pays twice as much. So I don’t NEED to work at anymore. However, I love the convenience of it and that fact that I can do it even while on vacation (like last week in Chicago). I also like that I’ll still be able to get hours over the summer, which I won’t get with face-to-face tutoring which runs concurrently with the school year or as an adjunct at the community college (because there are less classes offered in the summer I likely won’t get one). So my goal is to do the “minimum”  necessary to keep a good standing at this place so that I’ll be able to fall back on it if I need to.

The last 2 reviews I’ve gotten from have mentioned two things that I need to make sure that I do:

1) Have a good online percentage (when you tutor a very few number of hours, logging in a few minutes late or logging out a few minutes early is not good for your percentage)

2) Have a good acceptance rate

Currently my acceptance rate is at 100% for the last 30 days (out of 1 request however), and my online percentage is 100% for the last two weeks (out of 2 scheduled hours).

An arbitrary number of hours that I FEEL that I need to be scheduled is 10 hours/month. I prefer to do them in the morning where I can get paid for waiting. I also FEEL like I need to take at least 5 tutoring sessions per month. The main goal is to make myself useful. I don’t want my mentor to look at my numbers and think that I could be dispensable. I want to look like I’m a benefit to the organization, even if it is through a minimal amount of effort.

So I need to make sure that I spend 1 – 2 days/evenings at some point in the month getting some tutoring hours in. While it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I stopped working at, I don’t want to be fired for lack of tutoring – thus, I need to find some time to sit down and help some high school students online – and besides, the extra money is always nice. =)


6 Responses to Prevention of Firing

  1. Carrie says:

    Dang! You are busy busy busy!! So how many hours a week do you typically put in total at your “9-5”???

    • SS4BC says:

      In a typical week probably 50-60 hours. In a busy week, upwards of 80 hours – those are rare for me those and generally only happen once every 2-3 months.

    • SS4BC says:

      I should also mention that 50 is generally considered a “minimal” number of hours for my position. Most people put in quite a bit more. However, I don’t know anyone who puts in less that gets anything done or hasn’t gotten fired.

  2. meinmillions says:

    Damn girl! I didn’t realize how busy you are with jobs! When do you get to relax?

  3. MPP says:

    Wow, this IS a lot of hours! When I read your title I was worried that things were going wrong at work, but it sounds like if “firing” is just for, then that wouldn’t be the worst thing since you could use the extra free time. But of course extra money is extra money as you put it.

    Also, just wanted to apologize for accidentally deleting you from my blogroll. I never miss any of your posts and try to comment on as many as I find, so I don’t know what happened. 🙂

    • SS4BC says:

      It’s okay, I figured it was just an oversight copying all of the blogs over. I wasn’t offended. =)

      And yeah, the firing is just related to No worries on my main job – it is secure until July 31, 2011. So I’m good!

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