Motivation – or Lack Thereof

I have to teach tomorrow and I am finding NO motivation to do my lecture notes. The cold weather just makes me want to sit in front of the TV with sappy chick flicks and drink apple cider.

On top of that it was SO NICE having a “week off” last week from lecturing and I KNOW that tomorrow is going to be HELL since we’ll need to cover 4 chapter (two from last week and the two from this week). I’m not sure how I’ll break it up, but I’ll survive I suppose.

It is going to be a rough day tomorrow and for some reason I can’t get the motivation to sit down and FOCUS on the material. Okay… here goes nothing… gotta try, right?

Are you lacking in motivation to do anything right now? What do you do to find your motivation when you really don’t want to do something but you know that you have to?


One Response to Motivation – or Lack Thereof

  1. moneyfunk says:

    Step away from the problem for a few hours (i.e., lack of motivation) and do something for yourself (sit on couch and drink cider – yum!). Then, while ur on the couch read a self help book of anykind. This always works for me (I should take my own advice). End result: feel better. Good luck with the lecture! I know you can do it!

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