Asking for Money

I’ve found it very interesting that now that I’ve been tutoring for a while I have a difficult time being upfront about payment. I mean, I mention my rate in any email correspondence, however I feel awkward and weird when at the end of the tutoring session I’m like “Ummm soooo…. $20 please?”

It isn’t like when you go into a store people are embarrassed about ringing you up on the cash register, so I’m not sure why I have a problem being upfront about the money. I guess it is a little difference, and I have no problem telling people that it is okay if they pay me next week if they don’t have the money then. I understand forgetting a wallet or checkbook – I used to do that all the time!

However, it just seems so weird after spending an hour diving into the intricacies of chemical bonding to then out and ask for money. I’m not sure why that is… perhaps just because money is a difficult thing to talk about and tutoring is so much more personal than just going into a store and buying shoes.


7 Responses to Asking for Money

  1. Maybe you should ask for the money up front:)

    • SS4BC says:

      I would, except they pay me based on how long we’re there. So it could be half an hour, an hour, two hours – depending on how many questions they have.

  2. Jessie says:

    hmm.. I was going to suggest the same thing as The Lost Goat. I suppose it doens’t make sense to ask for up front if you don’t know how long it will take.

  3. Money Funk says:

    Maybe produce a rate sheet to give to each of your customers (up front). Is it a regular fee (i.e., $50 for half hour, so $100 for an hour, etc…)? And note on the rate sheet, “payment is due upon end of tutoring session”.

    (sorry, you could erase the “admin” comment. I was still in the mode of replying to comments on my site. lol) Okay, it’s my “Monday”. Erase the last 2 please. 🙂

  4. Have printed receipts ready for them at the end of the tutoring session and just start to fill it out when you are finished. “So, today you were here for XX hrs… your total is …” then hand it to them and wait for payment or explanation to pay later. Then they have a copy of the receipt too.

    That’s how I would handle it. For my side business I have some paperwork for everyone to fill out at the end of the session and its the perfect segway. I never say ‘Ok, so you owe me XX money.’ since we arranged ahead of time via email/phone the rate for the session. By having them fill out the paperwork it prompts them to take out their wallets. 😉

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